Friday, February 1, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

I just finished another project in my sewing queue...the stash is dwindling...NOT. I finished a vintage top from a pattern I made >30 years ago...I was so thrilled that I could still fit in it (it is a loose top with an empire waist tie), but I didn't take into consideration that the girls are considerable larger than they were when I was 17...hence the empire has slid a little south over the years. After I adjusted for that, the top sewed up nicely...Ain't it great to get old??? I will take a picture later...I am so bad about posting pictures...I take them, but then can't be bothered to download them from the camera to the computer...maybe tomorrow. Next up, I have some simple embroidery projects I want to do and some puppy jackets for some special beany babies. I don't always mention to the students I embroider, but Mary is a special student and she wants beany baby jackets with her guide dogs name on them for her can I refuse??? Then I think I will work on my green will be a nice spring coat...if spring ever comes!!!

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