Sunday, February 24, 2008

The serger is dead...

Well, not dead, but certainly has a problem. I finished the job for Lynn and embroidered the camo hats for the boys and settled in to work on my projects. Made good progress...completed a cover for my dress form so I don't feel like such a fat @$$ looking at the gaps. (I got the medium size okay so I can make clothes for my skinny mini daughter and friends...okay???) Started stitching together one of the fleece jackets and was finishing the edges when I heard a clunk and then the stitching was not good. I changed needles thinking that would make a difference, but no, still not right. I got out the little computer vac to clean and found a broken off piece of metal. I think it is the same piece that broke a few years ago when I was dealing with the crackheads at the SAVE stores. I will not be taking it there for repair...rather my friends at Montavilla Sewing Center. Hopefully it won't be an arm and a leg to fix...I shall miss it terribly while it's gone, but have no fear...I have plenty of things to work on in the interim. The weather is supposed to be nice...maybe this is God's way of saying "get outside and enjoy nature" Amen!

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