Monday, May 5, 2008

Music Monday

Bucky Covington. Let me start with the disclaimer that I am not a big Idol fanatic. It usually falls on the nights I am working, and we don't have a DVR or Tivo or anything like that. No problem. I do like to watch the early shows with all the crazy people who think they can sing (I'm not being mean...I totally fall into that category...just ask my husband!!!) I followed Idol vicariously the year Jordin Sparks won (was that last year?) as one of our students at the time was friends with her parents and the whole class would watch Idol at night. Of course they needed a nurse close by (I really love my job sometimes!) Anyway...back to Bucky. My daughter's friends loathed Bucky. With a passion. So much so that they found devious ways to mock and defame him. I really didn't know too much about Bucky. My first exposure was watching CMT one day in the studio and his first video "Different World" came on. I really liked it. I couldn't see what was so hideous about Bucky. I thought he was kind of charming in a country sort of way. So I was not unhappy when he turned up on the lineup for the Oregon Jamboree last year. I had a diabolical plot though. From our seats I can take pretty good pictures with my zoom lens in the daytime. Also seated in the reserve seating allows you to walk up front and take 2 pictures. This is one of my 2. It turned out pretty well so I blew it up to an 8x10 glossy for Sarah Wood...Bucky's biggest fan...NOT!!! I also got some good shots of JoDee Messina...our friend Jim's "girlfriend"...he also got an 8x10. I am truly getting excited about this year's lineup...Sugarland, Kellie Pickler, Glen Campbell and my man Trace to name a few!!! Can't wait for August!!!

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