Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shop Victoriously!

It seems like most of my postings have been about shopping lately. Guess that's what you do when you're somewhere you can't sew. I just picked up the entire year of BWOF 1991 for a total price of $3.49!!! Garage sale-ing without even leaving my chair! I love it!!! I have found that the vintage Burdas have classic styling and so I still find inspiration and pieces to add to my wardrobe. After my pattern haul last weekend I should feel guilty, but hey, we all have our vices. I have been sewing...just not on my wardrobe lately. I took a picture of the hats I am embroidering for the fire department...just haven't downloaded them yet. I have been working on the quilt blocks and finished them, but I am not happy with the outer points, so I will be taking them out and re-doing the ones that are not up to my standards. I have some things cut out that will be easy to zip together once the hat order is done. Seems like I finish one paid job and another comes in...guess I should be thankful and just quit B@#$%ing!!!! We have a BBQ fundraiser to go to tonight and since it is graduation day I have tomorrow off! Amen!

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Adrienne said...

You hit the mother-load!!! :-)