Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gardening and Puppies

I was watering the garden tonight and thought I would document my outdoor garden. I love to grow vegetables and despite the weird weather that global warming has brought us, my garden is finally starting to thrive. We have been enjoying radishes for a couple weeks now and the broccoli is about to explode. I am really pleased with the cabbage this year, as I grew it from seed this year. The raspberries are starting to turn red and I admit, it's hard not to just eat them as they ripen! I puttered in the garden for a little while after taking the pictures and when I looked up towards the house, I spied Kodi peeking over the bank watching me. He looked awfully cute, so I had to take a few shots of him as well.

Jo was on the sofa recovering from his oral surgery today. We had to go to the big city for his surgery, so I spent the day in town. After I dropped him off I went to buy some sewing stuff off a Craiglist ad I answered yesterday. The woman had bought this stuff at an estate sale exclaimed that this woman had "so much sewing stuff" it was insane. I laughed as I thought "Sounds like me". She had no clue about what we sewist stash!!! Anyway, I walked away with 8 cuts of vintage fabric, cards of buttons, snaps, elastic thread and some newer thread and I almost forgot...a full bolt of some nice interfacing...for $10.00!!! I didn't say anything right away when she said $10.00, so she must have thought I was balking at the price. She asked "Is that too much"? I happily paid her $10.00 and hauled away my treasures. I was very close to one of my favorite thrift stores that I rarely get to anymore, so I took some time to shop. I then headed towards Beaverton to shop Trader Joes before heading to my daughter's office to take her out to lunch. It always amazes me when I see her in her professional role...that's my little girl!!! Lastly is a picture of the Tutti Fruity skirt. Please excuse the stupid model just doesn't feel natural to me...guess that's why I'm not a model! Tomorrow is Baby day!!! Yay!!!


Summerset said...

Cute skirt - perfect for this time of year!

Sharon said...

Oh how I wish I had the patience for gardening...maybe next year.

How fun to get the sewing stuff off of CraigsList - there must be a lot of sewers in my area because the sewing stuff is always sold before I respond to the add.

The puppies are so adorable! Look at those precious faces :-)

Kat said...

I'm having a huge case of gardening envy right now. The last two years I've bought seeds with plans to start just a small 6 square foot garden patch. What do I have right now? Nothing.

Just bought a new garden tractor and was checking out that roto tiller attachment. Maybe next year...