Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day... all those Dads out there. I lost my Dad last December. Truly Dad was never the same after we lost Mom, so I like to think that they are together now and at peace, but still it seems strange that they are gone. I guess that is one of the learning experience of growing older. We are going out to dinner tonight with the kids...Tom chose Claim Jumper, so Sara made reservations. She got him the gazillion screw driver set he hinted at a couple of weeks ago...I'm sure he's forgotten about it, so it will be a nice surprise. The man worked as an auto mechanic in his pre-firefighter career, so he has tools up the wazoo, but he says that you can never have too many screw drivers...must be kind of like "you can never have enough fabric, patterns, know what I mean!!! It will be nice to spend some time with the kids. Sara is running a half marathon today...GO Punkin!!! I am so proud of her. I run, but I don't think I will ever do a marathon or a half, for that matter. 10K will probably be where I draw the line, never know...I might be inspired by my daughter...I will be way behind her, but I could be inspired...and slow. No sewing last night...Tom was on duty and our friends Travis and Annie (Hayden's parents) brought some steaks to the station for a BBQ. It was fun and Hayden had a good time running around the station. Hayden play in the pots & pans cupboard, which he enjoyed...Mom didn't enjoy it so much as she had a headache. Pot lids make great cymbals!!! It is much nicer being an aunt or grandma. I think having been there/done that, it's easier to be relaxed and let the little guys play. I have a small embroidery order to whip out. My deadline is July 12, but I like to get orders out as quick as I can (they don't call me SewFast for nothing)...I hate last minute rush jobs...seems like things always go wrong when the pressure is on. Working full time in addition to my business adds to my anxiety about getting things done in a timely manner. Plus I feel guilty sewing for me when I have a paying job waiting for my attention. I will start on that tomorrow before heading to work and hopefully get it out quickly before the other job I bid on comes in. I can't complain though...the work has been steady...enough to support my fabric addiction! Since I have no new project pictures to show (still need to take a pic of the tutti fruitti skirt), I'll leave you with my favorite Pom funny

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