Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thank Goodness for the Network!

Holidays always bring fabric sales! God knows I have enough fabric to keep me busy for a long time, but sometimes fabrics just cry out to be made into something. Such was the case this weekend at Joanns. I popped in their to pick up McCall's 5094 as I loved the style and think it will look good on my figure. God also knows I have enough patterns, as does my husband who commented "you don't have that one already? Let's go look!" Smart @$$! In the interest of full disclosure, I admitted to buying another pattern. As I told him, I could have just put it with the others and he never would have known. But Homey don't play that way!!! Anyway, back to the sales...all of the clearance fabric was an additional 50% off with and additional 10% off everything you bought. I found a gorgeous brown print knit that begged to become BWOF 3/2008 #103. I figured I would check Pattern Review for a review of this pattern after I read through my favorit blogs. Tany at Couture et Tricot just made the dress and had lots of tips on how to do the twist feature. I love sewing blogs...I glean so much good information and inspiration from my bloggy friends! Anyway, stay tuned for this dress. I plan to do the 3/4 sleeve version for a nice Fall dress. I have a few things cut out to finish up and the McCall's dress is jumping the line as I think it will be a pretty dress to wear to the Toby Keith concert if I can get it whipped up. I have almost 2 weeks and Tom will be out of town for part of that, so it may be doable. I get more sewing done when I'm on my own...staying up way too late. I have been watching season 2 of Project Runway that I checked out tof the library. We don't get Bravo, so I had not watched it before, but after hearing about it on everyone's blogs, I had to check it out. Let me tell is like crack to a designer/seamstress. I watched like 6 episodes non-stop on Friday while I cut out pieces for an upholstery project (that I need more fabric for), while I ran on the treadmill, ate my dinner and then snuggled with the poochy in the recliner. Who needs fireworks anyway? Tom was working and the 4th of July is usually a pretty busy day for the Fire department, so I knew he wouldn't have much time to spend with me (which he did not...they had a lot of calls). So I enjoyed my 4th being independent...watching Project Runway. Tomorrow Tom is on duty...I have 2 more DVDs to watch in the series. Damn work anyway!!!

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Kat said...

That is such a cute dress! Can't wait to see it after you whip it up.