Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Family

Here are the first photos of the new bird family

There is Peaches
And Angel
Here is the seed containment device I made this morning in an effort to minimize the seed mess I don't think it will solve all the problem, but it will cut down a little of the scatter. Theo likes to throw seed at me. I currently have them right next to the computer in the family room. We are getting the stand for the cage and then they will be moving to the dining room where they will have big windows to watch the wild birds and critters we feed. Next up I will make them a hanging bird teepee and a corner snuggle. I made those for Peaches and Darla years ago, but neither one of them were down with that. The new guys seem a little more open, so we will give it a go. Besides, it will give them a haven if somebody wants a little private time. We all need that now and again! I finished a paying embroidery job yesterday and have some pants coming in to hem...easy money. I will get enough off the hat to cover what I bought at Embroidery Library's Wishful Thinking sale. They always have such great sales. I also want to get busy with Christmas embroidery. I have the pooping reindeer and snowmen from Julie of Sew Weird that should make great gag gifts for some of the people I work with. Who wouldn't want a pooping reindeer? Guess I better get off the computer and ready for work...please God, let me retire before I die!


Kat said...

So cute! Peaches is the spitting image of our Spike. We are quite unoriginal with animal names. DH is a reptile enthusiast and has turtles named Spot, Big Spot, Little Spot, Baby Spot... Several of his others have names that are just as unoriginal. We're just not that imaginative.

stacysews said...

We have a cockatiel too, Buddy. She's rarely in her cage though and spends most of her time on us or the baby's pack and play....

Sewfast said...

Peaches likes to be out too...especially on my shoulder when I run on the treadmill with me and taking showers. Angel and Theo are still adjusting to us and so they haven't been out yet, but soon I hope