Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Cozy

In my new cozy! No pictures yet...I literally finished hemming it, threw it on and headed to work! I'll try to snap photos tomorrow and do a full review. I just have to say this is one comfortable garment! For my first one I used a fleecy knit that I knew was a little thicker than the DKNY version and I would not be able to easily do all the styling options, but that was okay. I wanted one with a little bit of weight and warmth to either wear the front down or wrap up around my shoulders to ward off the chill of early morning and late night. It turned out exactly as I planned! I definitely will be making some more of these. Sewing time took a little over an hour if you don't count all the interuptions. I had a little accident in the studio. I was serging along with the pedal to the metal and my curved embroidery scissors vibrated off the table....points down...onto my bare toe!!! I said some things I can't repeat in this blog and went down to show my Hunny. He laughed! I laughed when the cat scratched him. We're kind of sick that way! Anyway...LOVE the out and get Simplicity 2603 and make yourself one. You'll be glad you did!

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Sharon said...

Ouch, that would have hurt. Can't wait to see your photos.