Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust!!!

Hooray for me! The scrubs project is history! I finished the last one today before work!  I would take a picture, but they are already in a box set to send to Merry ol' England, and I'm not dragging them out! I've dilly-dallied way to long due to the home renovation activities. It does feel good to get some things out of the way, but the studio is a wreck! Looks like a bomb went off in the fabric closet.  Does anyone else have that problem when they are getting creative? I get an idea and then I have to find a certain fabric and a certain pattern and then let's not even visit the notions cupboard!!! Yikes! I'll straighten it out when Tom leaves for Fire's going to be an all day (and maybe part of the night) affair. I did get some inspiration to have a top-a-palooza sew-a-thon though.  My wardrobe is sorely lacking some good casual Tee's and tops, so I plan to cut out a bunch to assembly line.  And speaking of assembly, why do pattern companies feel it necessary to set the sleeves on a scrub pattern? Seriously? They're scrubs! It's not a couture jacket! I attached them flat and then zipped up the side seams...easy peasy! Of course, I have been looking for the easy way ever since I learned to sew.  My poor Mother and home ec teacher would cringe and ask "What are you doing???" Funny, when I went to work for Jantzen, that's the way we did things on the line and no one was raising an eyebrow!!! Anyway, in an effort to include more pictures (since I'm too lazy to take pictures of the things I make), I'll leave you with an impressive picture of the burn to learn the department had yesterday.  The good news is that no one got hurt and some good training was had by all!!!

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Ann Made Studio said...

That is a pretty scary looking fire...thank goodness it's training.