Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Feet!

The Sportsmen's show was great fun yesterday, as it always is. I got a new pair of pretty Keen's for the the summer. Tom got a new binocular pack from his new BFF.  One of the guys that invented this pack is a firefighter and lives in Bend, so we had to buy one! Every time we'd pass by their booth it was like old home week! We watched a dutch oven cooking demonstration followed by a dutch oven tasting experience...mmm!!! The recipes were so easy, now if we can perfect the cooking technique we'll be eating good in the neighborhood! We bought one of the cookbooks and probably will pick up the rest later on  (next year). I picked up a generic furminator for Jo and Kodi at the Petco booth. They were selling them for $5.00, so I had to try them. I used it on Jo last night and it worked like a charm cleaning out his undercoat. The real challenge will be Kodi, but I got the extra large and the picture on the package is a horse, so it should work on a bear! The fish pond was fun, as always. There was a darling little girl on the bus ride over to the expo that kept sqealing with excitement. I had to check to make sure it wasn't me making all that noise! I'm sure Tom would have told me to hold it down if it was! Anyway, it was a fun way to spend the day and I look forward to next year!
Tom is on duty today, so I have the whole day off to myself. Think I'll work on cleaning out the closet, do a little baking, work on an easy sewing job I picked up the other day and then ??? Let's see where the day be continued...

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