Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Sadly my sewing dreams didn't materialize yesterday. Didn't even step foot in the studio. The sun was out yesterday so I took advantage of that brief window and worked outside. The weather has been so crappy this year that we hadn't done much all winter and last summer was all about the baby, so the garden lay fallow for a year.  That may turn out to be a good thing...we'll see. I got the front flower beds cleaned out. the raspberry bed weeded and the other garden beds ready to till.  I hear tell that we are going to Home Depot this afternoon after my cardiologist appointment, so I will pick up some chicken caca to fertilize the beds when I till them.  Tom also has plans to put up little plastic hot houses over the beds to improve the growing season. Dad did that last year and had a bumper crop despite last years less than stellar weather patterns. This morning's project will be a grooming session for Kodi. For a number of years Kodi has lived outside (by his choice) and would look for the nearest exit when I would bring him in the house. He even hated being in the garage. He had a nice insulated dog house, but rarely went in it. He preferred the boat shed as his home base. I was taking a shower yesterday after all my garden work, when I heard Jo go off like a siren. That is not an unusual occurence by any means, and I just assumed that Daddyman had arrived home.  When I got out of the shower, I noticed the truck wasn't in the driveway, so I assumed the cat had done something to annoy Jo (another likely scenario). When I got downstairs, I saw Kodi laying in the laundry room. Evidently I had not latched the door and he had decided to come on in...okay. I'm actually glad he has made the decision because I planned to work on getting him more comfortable as an inside dog. Here is Kodi as as a baby. He is turning 12 this summer.
I was talking with our psychologist at work about him and she said "He's still alive? Big dogs don't usually last that long." Ach!!! Most of our big dogs have had long full lives. Kodi has been one of the best among illustrious company. There was Cinder, a female black lab who was our first dog we got together as a couple; Thor, the unusually calm dalmation; and then there were the huskies from our sled dog days! Who could forget Sheldon Taku, or Yaetna, Comet, the bi-eyed boy, or Lobo, the shit eating dog (sorry, he was very loveable except for that filth eating habit!), Seattle-who lived to be a grand old lady in her retirement, Zipper, Kijick, Molly, Ring, and all the Aces (that name was bad JuJu for dogs...just sayin!) plus so many others who passed through our lives. We have really been blessed with some great dog companions.
No sewing yesterday, but I did finish a pair of socks last night.  I think I will make Colt socks with the remains of the yarn. It looks like there may be enough. Tom said, "Oh, you can make Sara and Colt matching socks!" Don't know if she will go for the Mommy and Me sock idea, but it may work with the right yarn. Well, I better go make some pancakes and get the day rolling. Much to do...Later


gMarie said...

don't you hate it when people tell you that your dog shouldn't have lived so long? it's rather rude, really. g

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