Saturday, May 7, 2011


and it feels so good...Yep! I made it into the sewing studio the other day because it rained. Well, not only because it rained, but Outlet Shirts not only has the best prices, but also the quickest service in the world. I ordered some Port Authority hats for a DOT order on Wednesday and I was in total shock when they arrived on Thursday, with enough time to stitch out a couple samples for the customer. Seriously? Less than 24 hours for delivery? They are my go to embroidery blank source from now on! I didn't work on any garments for me, but as soon as the orders are done and the garden is planted there should be some time for working on my wardrobe. I'd also like to do a shout out to all the Mothers in the world...Happy Mother's Day. Where would we be without out Moms? Here is a picture of Mom
Love you...Miss you Mom!

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gMarie said...

Oh your mother was stunning. What a beautiful woman.

I'm trying to decide is I should start the sun dress or not. I've just finished my 5th version of the pencil skirt and this one is too tight. I'm so frustrated. I guess stress and a steady diet of cheese its and cadberry eggs isn't helping much, eh? g