Monday, May 28, 2012

Finish Line!

Have you ever had a project that has just drug on for months til your almost sick of it? That's how I was beginning to feel about my Pippa dress. It fought me every step of the way from fit, to fabric, even inserting the lining proved challenging. WTH??? Yesterday I knuckled down and finished it and I feel the mojo returning. No pictures's hanging in the bedroom and my beloved is asleep. Besides, it's not a throw on, snap a few pics kind of dress. It needs heels, makeup, the right bra (even bringing the neckline up, it's what Tom calls a "Burda dress") Those of you who sew with BWOF know what I mean. Next up is another Minoru jacket that has been cut out for ages and a couple of knit pieces that I cut out a week or so ago.

Speaking of BWOF...let's talk about pattern buying. I found a great link at Pattern review that had the technical drawings from the magazines. I don't know about you, but I have several years worth of BWOF nicesly organized by year, but not a great index system for reviewing the designs. I printed out the technical design sheets and made a binder. Now I can see the styles at a glance and go pluck the magazine to trace the pattern. I have some clear binder cover sheets that I think would be great to slip the traced patterns into, along with notes, swatches, etc... But I digress...back to pattern buying. I am a sucker for all the pattern sales. Simplicity 5 for $5.00? Yes please! BMV Sale? Sure, I'm in! But truly, will I ever sew every single pattern I have squirreled away? No. Do I have the skills to alter patterns to copy current trends? Yes. So why do I salivate when I see "Patterns for Sale"?

Which brings me to saving money. We have an opportunity to buy the house neighboring our retirement property in LaPine. It is priced way below it's value...I've admired, okay lusted after this house since the first day I saw it. When we were property shopping I told Tom "I'd like that house please." His response was "In your dreams..." I'm almost vibrating with anticipation. I know there are other people who will jump at this opportunity too. Sometimes dreams do come true! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high so I'm not disappointed if we don't get it, but if we do...SQEAAAALLLLL!!! I'll keep you posted!!!


gMarie said...

oh that would be amazing - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Funny how some projects suck the life out of any sewing fun. Right now it's the curtain panels for my daughter's bedroom - for her condo, not my house. I got one panel done this long weekend.

Will you share the link? Sounds like a fabulous resource and I just renewed my BWOF subscription. g

Sewfast said...

Absolutely's from Pattern Review and I will send it now!

Marjie said...

I can't wait to see your Pippa dress. I bought the pattern, but don't have a reason to make it yet. Good luck with the house!