Sunday, December 21, 2008

Freezing Rain

The fun and beauty of fresh snowfall has been sullied by the evil freezing rain. It started last night and left a glistening crust on the snow that is slicker than snot. Tom actually walked to work today, which is unusual because he loves a driving challenge. I ventured out to get the Sunday paper and tried to keep in Tom's footprints as I was a slippin' and a slidin'! Jo is so light he did not even break through the snowy crust, but Kodi did some crunching! Our poor paper delivery guy must have had a hard time because our paper was tossed on the roadside. I imagine he just slid down the highway throwing papers as he went. Making it down to the road was only half the battle. I didn't consider what fun it would be climbing back up the hill. We made it though and then I spent some quality time grooming Kodi. He doesn't get as much groom time as the spoiled one, aka Jo, the little tyrant and it's a shame too because he loves it more than any dog I have ever known. Just lays there and fiddles when you brush the right spot. Kodi will be 10 this summer and he has turned out to be one of the best dogs ever. I'm glad we said yes to bringing that little bear cub home. Here is a picture of Kodi when he was little. I have a couple of things cut out to sew, but may just pop in a movie and knit. The satellite dish is not working due to the ice and I am not climbing on the roof to try and rectify that, so a movie it shall be. Hope you all are staying warm and dry.


Sharon said...

He *does* look like a little bear. That's what we say about Abby also. That once they placed that fat little black bear in my arms we knew we had to adopt her.

Summerset said...

Ugh, ice over snow is not my favorite combo, either. Your little black bear is so cute, though!

Kat said...

Freezing rain--I can SO relate! Just last week I couldn't find our paper in the box. Later on, when I drove by, I saw the little bag of rolled up newspaper in the snow bank. Our driveway is still like a death trap, but this weekend has highs in the upper 50's so lots of melting in store for us :) .