Thursday, May 31, 2012

No Way in Hell???

Yeah, I talk tough, but then I love a challenge, so guess what I finished yesterday at 5:00 pm? You got it...the last minute, under pressure, down to the wire embroidery job. Tom knew I'd do it. Me, I wasn't so sure. Here's the bow case:
I digitized the Portland Fire logo with my Embird software. I have to say I was pretty impressed with myself. Digitizing can be a struggle sometimes, but this project while time consuming, went pretty smoothly. Here's a closeup of the logo:
I was thrilled to find that NetFlix now has Magnum PI, so a young Tom Selleck kept me company while I worked. How could I not be inspired???
My serger is behaving more like it should and of course the ITY top from hell actually is kind of cute. The construction is not my best work, but I should get some wear out of it, if only for the summer. I skipped out of Zumba tonight as it is my Monday, it was a 10 hour shift and I'm tired! I almost fell asleep on the ride back to campus from Portland...good thing I wasn't driving! Besides, as one darling little man in an Italian garden showed have to stop and smell the roses sometimes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We bought a Zoo!

I wanted to title this post "We bought a House", but sadly we were outbid on our dream house. Hence I thought buying a zoo might be fun! Since the Pippa dress. my plan to sew some quick and easy knits has been a bust. The Evolve is really rebelling against the ITY knit and I need to work with that, but first I have to tend to the last minute rush embroidery job that dropped on me yesterday. Originally we spoke about this project a month ago. It was a little unusual (which I guess is my usual) and required some advance digitizing, so I said send me the PDF right away so I can get going on it. Nothing happened, so I figured he moved on to another idea (his usual). Oh no! He pulled the "Can I get it by Thursday?" On Tuesday? I said "There's no way in Hell" and came home and started digitizing. I may or may not have it done this afternoon. Depends on how much I hang out in blogland...LOL!!! Okay, break over...back to digitizing!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Finish Line!

Have you ever had a project that has just drug on for months til your almost sick of it? That's how I was beginning to feel about my Pippa dress. It fought me every step of the way from fit, to fabric, even inserting the lining proved challenging. WTH??? Yesterday I knuckled down and finished it and I feel the mojo returning. No pictures's hanging in the bedroom and my beloved is asleep. Besides, it's not a throw on, snap a few pics kind of dress. It needs heels, makeup, the right bra (even bringing the neckline up, it's what Tom calls a "Burda dress") Those of you who sew with BWOF know what I mean. Next up is another Minoru jacket that has been cut out for ages and a couple of knit pieces that I cut out a week or so ago.

Speaking of BWOF...let's talk about pattern buying. I found a great link at Pattern review that had the technical drawings from the magazines. I don't know about you, but I have several years worth of BWOF nicesly organized by year, but not a great index system for reviewing the designs. I printed out the technical design sheets and made a binder. Now I can see the styles at a glance and go pluck the magazine to trace the pattern. I have some clear binder cover sheets that I think would be great to slip the traced patterns into, along with notes, swatches, etc... But I digress...back to pattern buying. I am a sucker for all the pattern sales. Simplicity 5 for $5.00? Yes please! BMV Sale? Sure, I'm in! But truly, will I ever sew every single pattern I have squirreled away? No. Do I have the skills to alter patterns to copy current trends? Yes. So why do I salivate when I see "Patterns for Sale"?

Which brings me to saving money. We have an opportunity to buy the house neighboring our retirement property in LaPine. It is priced way below it's value...I've admired, okay lusted after this house since the first day I saw it. When we were property shopping I told Tom "I'd like that house please." His response was "In your dreams..." I'm almost vibrating with anticipation. I know there are other people who will jump at this opportunity too. Sometimes dreams do come true! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high so I'm not disappointed if we don't get it, but if we do...SQEAAAALLLLL!!! I'll keep you posted!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is it Just Me?

I've been thinking about my blog lately and how little I post anymore. Tom even commented "You used to blog all the time, now hardly ever". He's right. I reviewed my stats and there was a time I posted 3 or 4 times a week. I have noticed a trend in many of my blogging friends too that they seem to post less as well. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) Are we busier than we used to be? Is there less to blog about? Or is the bloom off the rose?

I don't know if I am particularly busier. I've always got something going on. I work full time; I have many hobbies that I pursue (and would like to pursue if I had more free time) I have a small sewing & embroidery business I do on the side. All of that was true when I blogged like a mad fool.

Less to blog about? Don't think that is true either. There are tons of interesting things going on in my, fur babies, retirement planning, the garden, a little sewing...that theory doesn't hold water.

The thrill is gone? Maybe...I used to compose blog posts in real time when things were happening. People would that going to make it on the blog? My blog is written solely for me to document my life, and if other folks care to peak in, that's fine, however the intention was never meant to be more than a slice of my life. Give up on blogging? No way! I imagine like other things, blogging will return in it's time. For now, it is what it is.

I continue to follow my favorite peeps when I have the time. It is much easier now that I've arrived in the 21st century and have a smart phone and an iPad. Who'd a thunk it??? There's a post right there on all the cool inventions I've witnessed over my lifetime so far! Mmmm, feel the blogging wheels start turning...
I get inspired (or depressed) over how prolific some folks are. They churn out beautiful garments and I look at my sad little closet and think "I need to whip up something new". Then somebody brings me a stack of shorts to alter, or a dog crate to fix or some other project and it sucks my sewing time. By the time I'm finished with that, it's time to move on to other tasks that need attention. And what does good work get you? More work!!! I need to learn how to say "No" more to other people and "Yes" more to me. There's another post! 

Wow, I guess the key to blogging is just start writing and the ideas will come. Think I'll go apply that theory to sewing. And just because pictures bring more life into my's one of my favorite peeps!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Because a post without a picture is boring...

I don't have any pictures of completed sewing projects, or my gardening efforts, or the super fun Zumba party I went to last night (although Pam and Cheryl posted pictures on FB), but I did take a picture of one of my latest thrifty finds...a Kate Spade purse that I paid $1.00 for! Yep, that's right...Kate Spade for a buck. She has the optional shoulder strap and  is in perfect condition. She's super cute and pink and I think super is my word of the day! The sun came out today and it was even warm enough to wear capris and a sheer blouse with a cami! I got a lot accomplished in the garden and flower beds before heading to work. Spring has been a long time coming to Oregon this year, but we are delighted it seems to have arrived! I hope the good weather holds for my's almost here!!! SUPER!!!

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