Monday, April 26, 2010


That's my bib number for the Eugene marathon!  Look for me on the course...I'll be the one with the fast pregnant lady!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The British are Coming...The British are Coming!!!

Well, not really the British, but our Princess is coming from the UK on Tuesday.  All the volcano activity had us on pins and needles, but it looks like air travel is getting back to normal, so I will be at PDX Tuesday night with bells on. Well, maybe not bells...that would be weird, but this is Portland and there are lots of bumper stickers that extol our pride in "Keep Portland Weird" I think I really need to go to bed.  The super secret projects will be revealed soon.  BOLO for maternity sewing ahead!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Smile for Grandma!

Here is a picture of my new grandson. Look...he's smiling!

 They caught him laughing too!

And here he is letting us know all is well with a thumbs up!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warp Speed

Just a quick update.  This blog is a diary of sorts (really???  couldn't tell...sorry, I love a little sarcasm in the morning!) Important sewing project finished yesterday...more later.  Working the P90X fitness program...did plyometrics and stretching last night! Totally kicked my butt, however I feel stronger today and am excited to be doing something physical and healthy with my Hunny.  I didn't feel sore today like last time I worked out. Probably the soak in the hot tub before bed had something to do with that! Have another super secret sewing project to start tomorrow...sorry to be so cryptic, but all will be revealed soon...with pictures! 11 days til the marathon...whoo-hoo.  Just praying that the Iceland volcano settles down enough for Sara to make it out of the UK...tomorrow brings a little work, a little doctor visit, a little is fun at warp speed!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Seems like every minute is spoken for these days! I lacked motivation yesterday on my day off, but once I forced myself to get moving, I got alot accomplished (even a little sewing).  Went in early to the firehouse and worked out with the crew.  That was fun (and good for me).  I broke a tooth in the middle of the night.  Don't know how that happens, but it woke me up.  No pain, thank goodness! I have a double shift today and just a single tomorrow.  Hopefully the dentist can get me in this week. something!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meet Kenny!!!

I blame Peter for this. He posted about his fabulous vintage machines and got me jonesing for a new machine. Not that it takes much, but it's been awhile since I picked up a machine and I have been secretly coveting a featherweight machine, even though I didn't necessarily need one. What's need got to do with it anyway? Scouring craigslist the other day, I saw this beautiful Kenmore featherweight model. I thought about it and thought about it, but had to go to work. My dear sweet husband who spoils me rotten said "Call on it, I'll go pick it up for you!" I left a message with the gal, leaving Tom's number, thought que sera, sera and headed to work. Imagine my excitement when Tom called to tell me he was going to look at her!!! When I got home last night she was waiting for me on the table. Her motor purrs like a kitten and although there are a few minor chips and I had to clean tape off the throat plate (1/4 guide), the only other things wrong was a missing spool spindle, no light bulb and the case handle was slightly bent on the inside, but still worked. I was too tired to play with her much last night and Tom was tired, so I delayed getting to know her better til this morning. I cleaned off the tape (I love Goo-B-Gone!) and straightened out the case handle (girls got skilz!!!) Plugged her in and...Nothing! Nada! No Power! I was perplexed...I was sad...I was annoyed. I tried another outlet. Nothing! I opened her up to see if there was anything obvious. Nope! Motor clean and shiny, belts all new! Hmmm! I did find the spool spindle in the head, which was a nice surprise, but still no power! I went on line looking for replacement motors (found some by the way and not too bad of price either) I went to make a phone call and...Nothing! Nada! No Dial tone! So then my spidey senses kicked in and I started checking other electrical appliances in the kitchen, and rocket scientist that I am, discovered that somewhere along the morning a breaker had been tripped, and once I fixed that all was well in Kennyville once again! Whoosh! What a relief that was!!! I checked the manual for the light replacement details, but a proper bulb was not to be found in Estacada! I did find one with the proper voltage and wattage, but it was a little long and hit the side of the door, so I took that back and ran to JoAnns during my break. Their lights were the same size, so I called my friends at Montavilla and the gal is fairly certain they will have a featherweight sized bulb for Kenny. Tomorrow I will take her into town when I go for my ophthamology follow-up and we'll stop on over to get her fitted for a light bulb! Here is a picture of her case, which I love the pretty rose detailing:
I was amazed at how light she is with all her metal parts.  Tom thought she was heavy, but he hasn't ever lifted that's one phat sewing machine!!! But oh how she handles the tough jobs!  Kenny will be used to make baby quilts (and I may even let Sara take her for a spin while she's home!) and other baby accessories.  She will be my traveling companion so I have a machine to work with over in Lapine.  Looks like we will be able to build the shop over there this year, so Mama can't live for long without a sewing machine!  One of the things that I love about her over the Singer featherweights is that she has more stitches.  In addition to straight stitching, she does a zig-zag, blind hem, a three stitch zig-zag and buttonholes.  What more could a girl ask for?  I am so blessed!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Running, Running...Fast As I Can

Well, actually it's more walking fast with a little running thrown in when a rocking song comes on the ipod.  I have been concentrating on my half marathon training this week, plus trying to keep up with my housekeeping chores, so there hasn't been a lot of creating going on.  I did a really long walk (approximately 10 Nike+ sensor was is the pair of shoes I didn't wear that day.  In my defense, I was in a hurry to get out there and didn't think to check which pair of Nike+ shoes had the dealy-bob in it.  I will check next time I go on that route to get an accurate accounting of my mileage. In other health related news, we are modifying our diet because the doctor encouraged Tom to lose 20 pounds.   I'm sure he would give me the same encouragement if I went...and the colonoscopy speech! Ugh!!! Why do I find the most decadent recipes when we're supposed to be watching our weight?  Asparagus, wrapped in bacon with a brown sugar glaze? Mmmm...I'm making it!!! I have several projects in the works, but no pictures to share.  I really need to straighten up the guest room, which becomes my overflow studio if I let it.  Need to spiff it up for the princess who is coming home soon...Yay!!!! Maybe I'll get on that this afternoon...that and search for some yummy low calorie recipes!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PostCards from the Edge

Shameless rip off of a title...I apologize.  I have been radio silent, but I have been busy. Back from our little mini vacay, I worked mad shifts, had laser eye surgery and managed to do quite a bit of sewing on yet to be disclosed items...okay, everyone hates a vague's baby items. I do have a shirt started on Valentine and will resume work on it soon, but my sewing time has been in bits and pieces and baby items fit that bill.  I have been watching Food Network too. Alot. I have been inspired to cook some new things. Last night I made a new recipe called grilled chicken with sesame noodles that was fantabulous!!! I ate way too much and had to drink a gallon of water to counteract all the sodium in the sauce, but it was yummy! Definitely going in the rotation.  Next up is Philly cheesesteak sandwiches that I'm making for the firehouse tomorrow.  Sure to be another hit!  Anything with cheese and steak in it has to be good...and carmelized onions...yum!  At this rate, I will need to sew a whole new wardrobe for my new (larger) body! Tomorrow I plan to do 10 miles, so that should balance out the intake. Only the scale knows...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Happy Place

I made it home yesterday afternoon from my happy place.  And just in time too... another snow storm is set to hit.  The roads were really quite passable and my anxiety was for not.  I was quite taken with the beauty of the snow on the trees and actually driving in the snow was much easier than driving in the pouring rain!  Here is a picture of the shop, taken from the house.  What? You don't see it?  It's right there if you look past all the stumps.  You don't see the house either?  It will be there one day. 

We actually cleaned up a lot of the brush from last summer when burning was closed.  Tom dropped some more trees and Stan is going to come pull the stumps and level out the ground so we can build the shop.  The other exciting thing...signs of wildlife.  Tom was very excited to show me that elk have been visiting our property. 
I had a wonderful birthday celebration and it even snowed.  We worked til about 3:00 p.m. and then Tom took me to check out Homestead Quilts.  I had always meant to visit it, but I was always too tired or too dirty to go before.  It is a well stocked quilting store and the staff was very friendly.  I picked up a book, a couple of patterns and some needles with extra big eyes! Then we went out for pizza with a whole gang of friends.  It was a great day.  It was nice to come back to our west side home, and the cats were sure happy to see us.  Chief (aka the sock monkey) emptied out my sock drawer and scattered them all over the house.  She also knocked over a plant, but at least she left the bear rug alone!  She pouted for most of the evening, but today she is back to normal.  I did work on some sewing projects today, but nothing of note I can report on.  Hopefully soon...

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