Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kodi Report

Two days on the Rimadyl and he is showing remarkable improvement! Kodi is less stiff when getting up and is bounding up and down the stairs again! He goes back for labs the Monday before we head to London and if all systems are go we will switch him over to the less expensive generic form. Rimadyl lets the vet give a 2 week sample pack. Even the generic is not cheap, but it's worth it if it makes him more comfortable. I have been looking at some of the online pet med sites and it is less expensive that route. Does anyone have any experience with these sites and any recommendations?
In sewing news...I started on the Pippa dress! After a dry spell of just mundane sewing I couldn't stand it anymore and spent a couple hours in the studio yesterday before work. I did some embroidery and button embellishment on some thrifted capris, and while the embroidery machine hummed I sewed up the bodice and bodice lining darts. It looks pretty good draped on Valentine. Maybe I can finish it for this next graduation??? Lots to do in preparation for our trip, but perhaps finishing that will keep me from freaking out over all the little details!
I finished watching 3 seasons of Damages on Netflix and who knows how long it will be til they have season 4 available. I couldn't find full episodes online, so I may have to tough it out! Boo! I got addicted. So now the new show I am watching is Sister Wives. I don't think I would like to live that lifestyle, but it is interesting to watch. My favorite wife is Meri so far...I'm only a couple of episodes in.
Shoot! Tom did not take the trash down for pickup when he went to work...better go throw on some jeans and haul the bin down to the road...Later...

Monday, October 24, 2011

BMV Sale Alert!!!

BMV is having a 3 day October sale...I wanted to pick up Vogue 1250 for Sara, so what better excuse to buy patterns? I picked up McCall's 6282 and Vogue 8603 because no pattern should travel alone! I am really thinking capes...I've been seeing them everywhere and almost bought the Rebecca Turbow McCall's 6446, but I know I have a ton of capes in my BWOF magazines and how easy is it to trace out a cape? Off to the vets with the big guy...just routine vaccinations and a conversation about whether it's time to start Rimadyl for our senior. He isn't complaining, but he is awful stiff at times and sometimes has trouble with the stairs. He does pretty well for a 12 year old BIG dog!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

No Sew Sunday...

Well, I didn't make it to the sewing room today, but I did make some good progress on the chores around here. The 5th wheel is all clean and ready to be put to bed for awhile. Not sure that we will need it again til Spring, but then you never can tell. I worked on some Christmas projects and housework. I cooked yummy corned beef and cabbage for dinner, which was well received by the boys at the firehouse. Watched some of the World series game, but it wasn't as exciting as last night's high scoring game, so I gave it up for "Sister Wives". I know...lame!!! I'm thinking bed would be a good plan now...see ya tomorrow! :)

Musher You Say???

Marjie commented that she did not know I had been a musher in a previous life (truth be told, there are alot of things I've dabbled in, but a girl's gotta have some secrets, right???)  This is from Tom's first Oregon Dune Musher's Mail Run...he drove the dogs and I was his handler that year...
The next year was my turn to I am coming off Heartbreak Hill...
Sorry the picture is not that great...we didn't have digital back then, but this does illustrate what a big-ass hill it was! It was steep, but time and wind have changed it over the years. I doubt it is as daunting as it was back then! Look at how small the people at the top of the hill are! Here is a pic from a training run...we are coming back to the parking lot...the dogs look tired!

Here they are crossing Tahkenich Creek...

And in case you were wondering...yes, they did pull on snow...running the sand dunes was great conditioning for the dogs. After pulling a wheeled cart that weighed about 60 pounds on a surface that had much more resistance than the smooth snow and ice, the sled was much easier going for the dogs. And what a ride!!!

Enough reminiscing for one day. Need to get busy and get some work done. Kodi has a vet appointment tomorrow and the gal that is going to house sit us is coming over to meet the rest of the gang (she knows Jo from work). Won't be long now til we head out to see the kids! Can't wait!!! Maybe even a little sewing might happen??? We'll see...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

No sewing yet :(

Unfortunately the best laid plans of mice and men...I have not sewn a stitch since I gave myself a deadline. Isn't that the way? My dear husband came home from work on Friday with a severly stiff neck, so when I got home from work I was still on nursing duty. He is improving, but I am still required to do the "heavy lifting" so to speak, so no sewing. He is sleeping now, or else I would be up there sewing away instead of down here singing the no sew blues! On a bright note, I am happily engaged in a new knitting project after finishing a Christmas present for a friend. Back to the sock mill, which are quick easy projects I can pack in my purse and work on whenever I have a free moment. I'm also reading a good book I borrowed from the library on my kindle "My Lead Dog was a Lesbian" by Brian Patrick O'Donoghue. It is so taking me back to our mushing days as this reporter recounts his experience as a rookie musher attempting the Iditarod. Not that I ever seriously entertained thoughts of running the Iditarod. Okay, I admit it was a dream, but only an unrealistic dream...I wear the scars as a red badge of courage. I loved our dog years. Mushing and the dogs taught me alot about myself. I we have a skype date with the kids and my work schedule changed for this week, so I am working this afternoon. It will be okay...I don't mind Sundays. I will get to see Laureen, our yoga instructor, which is always good. Well, I'd best move on to my other Sunday chores so I am ready when Tom gets up for our skype date!

Friday, October 14, 2011


But no sewing! :( And not the kind of cutting you're imagining either! Spent yesteday morning cutting and wrapping Tom's deer. He got a 4 point this year and it is delicious! We'll be eating good this year. Hopefully I can start sewing the Pippa dress this evening. My goal is to have it done by next Saturday so I can wear it to graduation. Perhaps giving myself a deadline will motivate me! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011're Back In

My order came in today and I was pleased beyond belief! Hallelujah! Here's the booty:
The snakeskin print was the first thing that caught my eye and it has the most interesting texture...almost a rubbery finish. I'm going to wash it up an make a form fitting T shirt out of it. The royal blue ponte knit is for some leggings and the navy blue, white and teal print is a delicious sueded jersey that feels sumptious! I definitely will look for more sueded jersey in the future. The cuts were generous, no flaws in the fabric...I am a happy girl!
In the done pile, I finished my first pair of Jalie jeans last night. LOVE that pattern! I made the low rise as I have started to like the lower waist since Sara got me out of my "Mom jeans" faze. I plan to try the mid rise next, although I need to get some more top stitching thread first. JoAnn's has thread 50% off starting on Sunday, so I probably will wait til then to get it. I have other things I can sew til then.
Like the Pippa dress. Best get at day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Better than Jamba Juice

My blender and I  have been quite chummy lately. For some reason I have been on a smoothie rampage lately. Every morning that I have not had to work early (breakfast is provided at work) I have been busting out the smoothies. I usually start with 1/2 banana (whole if I'm making for 2, however my sweetie is gone hunting right now) and add whatever fruit grabs my fancy. Yesterday I had a pear from my pear tree. Today I used some blackberries out of the freezer...added a little juice and ice with some flax seed for my health...instant breakfast! Sometimes I use yogurt, sometimes not. I'm dreaming of a veggie smoothie using some V8 or tomato juice...does that sound weird??? It's rainy again today and I am feeling rather glum for some unknown reason. May be I'm missing my sweetie, or the weather...I don't know. I finished embroidering a sweatshirt for a friend, a couple of full coverage bibs for Colt and am making great headway on a pair of Jalie jeans. I have a sewing station set up in the family room so I can watch NetFlix while I sew. My new obsession is Damages and I try to watch a couple episodes a night. Maybe I'll just have a marathon today while I sew. I have one more serving of eggplant parmesan to eat...with Tom gone it's difficult to cook for one. I made this amazing eggplant parmesan and yes, I know I could have froze some, but instead I have been alternating betwixt that dish and a great chicken soup I made last week, so tonight I shall cook something different. Or maybe chinese takeout...we'll see. The good news is that Tom got a 4 point yesterday...shot it while pheasant hunting of all things. Had to use buckshot since he was carrying the 20 ga shotgun. I am thrilled to have fresh venison for the freezer and some pheasant too! We'll be eating good this winter! Well, the machine is calling...hopefully I will have new jeans by sundown!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Tale of Two Dogs...

Jo had a visitor in the office the other night...
We got out all our best bones for the party...

If you notice, Jo has two bones to his guest's one. There were four bones total and through the course of the evening, Jo had managed to drag three of them under the desk. As I was working, I heard a strange grunting out of Jo. I looked over to see him trying to extricate the last bone out from under his guest. She just smiled...

"You ain't getting the last bone!!! It's mine!!!"

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


What's the definition of insanity again? Doing the same things over and expecting different results? After two bad experiences in a row with, I swore them off, took myself off their mailing list and washed my hands! Or so I thought. Somehow one of their emails snuck through my force field this morning. It was generic enough, announcing a new yarn endorsed by Martha Stewart or something. I don't remember. I thought innocently..."I could just go look." Before I knew it fabric was flying into my cart and looky there... some cute Hot Patterns on clearance! Of course you have to run your total up to at least $35.00 because paying for shipping is just silly! No trip to is complete without a visit to for a current discount code to further enhance your savings! So I caved, waivered, waffled, whatever you want to call it...I placed that order. Please't let me down this time! I may have to put a block on you!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sewing In the Rain...

Not literally of course...yesterday the rain came in earnest and today looks to be more of the same. I don't mind rain too much on my days off, especially when I have projects to work on in the studio. I finished a time sensitive project yesterday while watching old movies (Turner & Hooch, followed by An Affair to Remember) I always get inspired by Deborah Kerr's wardrobe when I watch that movie. Isn't this dress just the greatest?
I adore how the the drapey chiffon cowl in the back weaves throught the front of the bodice. Every time I watch this movie I swear I'm going to copy that. Must be old age setting in because in a week I'll probably forget about it and be dazzled the next time I watch the movie! Today should be more of the same in the studio, with the exception of hitting the treadmill first. That is, once I get this lovey dovey cat off my lap. The Chief is very selective with her affections. You take it on her terms, not your own! If I don't do the exercise part first, I get too engaged in other things and it's easy to say to Hell with it! A few errands down town and the rest of the day is technically mine! Happy Monday!

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