Sunday, December 30, 2018

Last Post of the Year

Almost the only post of the year!!! Ah, well...maybe 2019 will bring more blogging or vlogging. Time will tell. Been busy-you know this retirement gig is not for sissies! I have been warming the jumpseat in the groomer while Tom does the heavy lifting. We went out for a ride with our friends Jim and Louise yesterday and had a blast. I start jury duty tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be needed this week so I can go grooming with Tom. Working in the studio when I can. I put away Christmas today and cleaned house. Enjoyed watching the squirrels and birds that we are feeding. What can I say, I'm my Mother's daughter!  Put the new bridge on my practice violin, but not playing because the Seahawks are on. Enough rambling...quilt blocks need to be made. See ya next year!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Anybody still out there??? I have not posted in almost a year!!! Years people!
Blogging used to be something I did daily once upon a time! And then life changed, as it always does, leaving me with no time to blog. It became "one more thing" and I didn't need another chore. But the pendulum has swung again and I do have time for such things, but the blogging community seems to have moved on. I still follow blogs, but now what I really enjoy is listening to the new iteration...VLOGs! I love Rachel at Stitched Up; Lindsay of Inside the Hem; Liz Sews; Rachel and Nikki-The Stitch Sisters and more! I thought I might give vlogging a shot and when I checked my YouTube channel, I see I already have 2 subscribers! What???!!! I did do a Fabricmart haul videoa few years back when I entered their bundle contest. I still love their bundles, but have not bought any in quite awhile. I haven't really bought alot of fabric except for the occasional remnant at JoAnns (I'm a sucker for remnants) because truly I have a magnificant stash and need to sew from it! I think I will do a best of the stash haul video to inspire me to get cracking with those gorgeous fabrics that have been waiting for their time to shine! I'll work on that! What I have been doing is alot more quilting and of course sewing knits! I am loving big warm sweaters and fleece tops. Tom says "You are really into wearing blankets right now, aren't you? Yep, it's getting cold again and blankets are what I need. I will sign off now as we are getting ready to go to the snow show, but will leave you with a picture of my precious babies and I playing in the snow last year.

Project Dress a Girl

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