Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What I did Yesterday...

The other day when I needed to recalibrate the hoops for my EMP6, I became aware that the manual was not where I normally keep it. Not that I need to refer to it all that often and most everything I need is either available on the machines computer screen or online. I just like to know where things are. A frantic archeological dig Monday night after I got home from work did not unearth it, so I embarked on a studio reorganize/clean mission yesterday. I tried to time limit it til noon, but that was a gross underestimation. Besides that, I get sidetracked easily and took a trip downtown to the post office, the library, Hi-School Pharmacy...I needed a break after a few hours. I picked up some movies to watch while cleaning. I love our library. Besides having all the movies that our collective county system provides, our city library purchases new releases that they "rent" for a quarter a night. One of the librarians tipped me off that if you return them before the library opens the next day, they don't charge you for the first night. I didn't find anything in the new releases that grabbed me so I made a quick pass throught the regular shelves of movies and found some surprises. They had the Morgan Freeman movie "10 things or Less", "Things you can Tell Just by Looking at Her" (which I am watching now), "Things we Lost in the Fire" with Halle Berry and Benicio del Torre and just for fun "Blades of Glory". I use my library alot. I believe it is a tremendous gift (that we pay for with taxes, of course). One of my first jobs was as a library page. Loved that job...I still email back and forth with my old boss and see her whenever I go back home (which isn't often anymore since both my parents are gone) Anyway, I went to bed fairly early and woke up early...I took pictures of the clean studio and my new dress on Valentine. There you have it...a tour of the studio and No, I still haven't found that blasted manual!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happiness is...

A delivery from
Paying less for the fabric than the actual cost of the "FREE" shipping New fabric with gratuitous picture of spoiled pom
Dressing spoiled pom in adorable devil costume Spoiled Pom hanging head in shame
"I'm gonna %$#@ing kill you while you sleep!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pleasant Valley Sunday...

Okay, all you Monkees fans...I know you've got that song stuck in your head now! Just a little shout out to my peeps. I have been busy, although I have not been photo journaling all my projects, which I know is not as interesting a blog read but is what it is right now. My photographer is off on another hunting trip (elk this time), so I may resort to dressing Valentine up and taking pictures. I've tried the mirror thing and frankly the pictures don't turn out. I can photograph Jo in his devil costume though, which I need to do for Mary over at Pattern Rescue, since that pet costume pattern came from there! As it stands, I have finished one dress and one skirt from last Sunday's cut-a-thon; another dress is halfway...I have hemmed pants, did lots of embroidery and other asundry projects. I need to search for my Babylock EMP6 book just because it is not where I usually keep it and this makes me crazy. I had to go online to find instructions to recalibrate the hoops as the alignment was off. Not that the book would have told me how to do it, but by the grace of God and the internet, this information is readily available. Saved a trip to the shop, which is a good thing. Anywho, I am busy with Christmas sewing and one of my daughter's friends wants to commission me to make her wedding dress for April. She is getting married in a hot air balloon, so this should be interesting figuring out something for that! I'm thinking something with a shrug or capelet. It's gonna be cold up there! Gotta love a challenge!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Report Card

Yesterday was quite a productive day on the sewing front. Actually I did much more cutting than sewing, but it all has to be cut out before it can be sewn together. I cut out 3 dresses and a skirt before my hand starting throbbing. I have some arthritis that sometimes flares with a lot of handwork. It may slow me down but it doesn't stop production. I pretty much completed construction on one dress...everything but the facings and hems. It is a retro pattern that I received from Pattern Rescue last month...a sleeveless shift dress that also can be worn as a jumper. The fabric is a brightly flowered stretch twill with pink and white flowers on a black background...very mod 60's. I'm thinking black tights, turtleneck and boots will make a nice outfit. We'll see if it is a fashion do or fashion don't. Nonetheless it will be a nice summer dress when the sun rolls around again. Maybe I am trying to hang onto summer! I also whacked on the wedding dress pillow project. I removed all the lace overlays and tore apart the skirt layers. The dress smells kind of funny (no wonder daughter didn't want to wear it) so I washed a sample piece of the silk this morning. Since it seemed to do alright with handwashing, I washed a piece of the fabric (reserving the remainder should something weird happen) and it is hanging to dry. I have a plan on how to proceed. I need to peruse my embroidery designs to find the perfect heirloom design to go with the lace. I also plan to make some rosettes from the sheer ruffles. I have to work tomorrow, so my sewing time will be limited, but Wednesday may be a possibility. Don't know how long (or if) I will be babysitting, so the rest of the day can be spent in the studio. I also had a bright idea to make another Halloween costume for Jo. I know the devil costume is done, but I'm thinking about a tool belt and hard hat for Jo the plumber. I might even make him an Obama button too. I think there was a freebie design over on I know, pretty crazy to spend so much time outfitting the dog. I need grandkids...I'm telling ya!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

She finally fell...

Yep, that's 8:30 this morning I succumbed to I got an email saying they just reloaded their $1.95 clearance, plus add to that a coupon code for 15% off all clearance and free shipping for orders over $35.00, no coupon required. I couldn't take it anymore!!! It was a rough class, I worked some mad OT and I found some fabric in that category that I really liked that will work well in my wardrobe. 22 yards for $36.44??? Averages to $1.65 a yard. Most of the time I have been really happy with the bargains I have bought in the $1.95 clearance section...the few that I have not been as thrilled with make really good cheap muslins, so there you are. I also love getting that big box 'o fabric in the mail. It makes me happy!!! I have a couple pillow forms that will work for my paying job, so I will avoid JoAnn's and save some money there. Guess now I need to get busy and start sewing. Tom is on duty today so I'm on my own til tomorrow morning. Let's see what one motivated girl can accomplish!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm about to fall off the wagon...

The fabric buying wagon that is...(didn't want you all to think I was going off on an alcoholic binge...LOL!!!) JoAnn's is starting their moonlight madness sale tomorrow and darn it all if they don't have all the clearance fabric at 50% off! I scoped out the shelves at the OC store the other day when I was picking up snaps and there were definitely some bolts with possibilities. We'll see...I waver back and forth. The devil on my shoulder says "buy, you know you want to", while my guardian angel says "remember the!" But isn't it my patriotic duty to stimulate the economy??? (shut up, little devil!) Wow, reading this back it appears like I may have been drinking!!! Seriously though, my daughter kids me on my frugalness. It's not like there aren't wonderful fabrics in my studio. What is it that drives us to want more? I do need to get a pillow form for a paying job. This gal would like me to cut up her gorgeous wedding gown from the 80's to make a keepsake pillow for her daughter, who wouldn't be caught dead in this dress! Go figure. I am thinking something heirloom, incorporating the lace and pearls on the bodice. There are yards and yards of chiffon flounces too that might make a nice accent. I was surprised in looking at this union made RTW dress how poorly it was made. The seams were not even finished. The gal that brought it to me said it was a very expensive dress in it's day. I guess you notice these things more when you sew. I have been clearing things off the cutting table. Jo's halloween devil costume turned out cuter than cute. I will take a picture of him later to post. I tried to capture him in it last night to put on my new phone, but he wasn't having it and the cat was trying to attack him...must have been the devil costume. Figaro was trying to cast out the devil! They transferred all of my numbers, but couldn't transfer my pictures or my personalized Jo bark ring tone. Guess I will have to make him bark again (like that is difficult!!!) It is raining here today in Oregon (another big surprise)...good day to watch baseball and sew!

Monday, October 13, 2008


My Hunny is coming home from hunting tomorrow or Wednesday! Guess that means no more late night sewing seesions. That's okay, I'm really missing him and besides, in a couple of weeks he'll be gone again for elk season! My latest project is almost complete...Butterick 5223. I am making view B with the collar out of the grey linen-like fabric that I made the Patrones skirt (My 2 yard wonder outfit) The jacket is coming together nicely, but I need a large snap for the closure. I dug through the button bin and found an interest single button that looks like a nugget. I know it sounds weird, but this button looked really good. I wanted something different and interesting since it only calls for one button. A large snap under the button is the way to go. I resisted going to JoAnn's for the Columbus day sale because 1) I would have fell off the fabric embargo wagon and 2) my hair appointment ran long and I didn't have time before work. Just as well. I was very happy with what Caron did this time. She has been trying to get me to move away from the bob for some time now, and so when I came in toting a picture she was thrilled. It's stacked in back with the sides long enough to push behind my ears and of course my trademark bangs. I have a big forehead and with the left eye droop thing going on, I need some coverage!!! I like it...don't know how Tom will feel, but it's my head. It's not like I shaved it or anything (though the thought did cross my mind) I like my nose and my smile...eyes and forehead not so much. So what's your favorite feature?

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I've been talking about my sewing, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Sara took a picture of the top I finished last night and I noticed that there was a picture of the blue and white vintage "costume" dress on the camera when I was downloading. Pardon my hairdo. Looking at the pictures, I realized that I need to make an appointment with Caron to get my hair cut. The afternoon was a whirlwind of activity. Sara is a thrifting maniac!!! Wonder where she got that gene? She jumped in and shopped circles around me. I was so tired I even begged off going to the fabric store...all I wanted to do was get some dinner and collapse! We had a good time though. She found a couple pairs of jeans and a bunch of tops...I found a nice Liz Claiborne sweater set and a beautiful JG Hook quilted jacket, some jewelry and some books and a puzzle for my little man. Now I need to go crawl into the recliner!

Sew, Baby, Sew!!!

Not Drill, Baby, Drill!!! Sorry, I know I said I wouldn't make this a political commentary. But while I'm on the subject, doesn't it gall you when you get an unsolicited call and the person just assumes you believe the same way they do? I am so tired of being interupted mid seam to answer the phone just to have it be a vote for so and so call. I like to mess with them a bit...make it worth their while before I tell them to stop calling me. The Do Not Call list thing hasn't been working lately, so I guess we need to do that again. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming...sewing! I finished BWOF 10/08 Top #114 last night and am wearing it today. Sorry no pictures yet...Jo doesn't have opposable thumbs, so it is difficult for him to be my photographer. Sara is coming this afternoon, so if she is not in a big fat hurry to go thrift shopping, I will have her take a pic. Meanwhile enjoy Allison's review as she tried out the top too as a muslin for the dress (Smart Girl!) As with most BWOF designs, the top was a little low cut for everyday wear so I sewed a 2" seam up the upper bodice. I did attach the tab at the seam line where the top and bottom join, but the pattern is so busy I probably didn't need to. I think a nice brooch or other focal point would be nice there. I'm not a big dolman sleeve fan, but these seem to work okay and are not too sloppy. It definitely is comfortable. The only real adjustment I did was add a little allowance at the bottom of the sleeves so that they fit my forearm, but aren't tight like encasing a sausage. I did not get any work done on the jacket last night because I had to work overtime yesterday (yay! good for the Deeter family economy) It should be an easy project to whip out...I am starting to see the cutting table again, so it's time to cut out some more things. Maybe will make that a baby clothes cut-a-rama!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sewing Report

Yesterday was a good day. I did not sew all day as planned, but I got word that the new baby we are expecting in our posse is a girl (don't you like the sound of we? I'm sure Janis wishes "we" would share some of the load!). So Freddies advertised all their clearance apparel is 70% off the lowest price. What's a wannabe Grandma to do but go shopping?!! I picked up seven cute Carter's onesies for $2.00 and the cutest little sleeper that says "Baby's First St. Patrick's Day" with "Kiss Me" and "I'm Irish" on the feet. Peyton Marie is coming in February, so that should be perfect. I also picked up a nice layette set, another sleeper and a couple of dresses. Even with all of that, I came in under $20.00! God bless Fred Meyers. I thought about doing the cut the onesie and add a skirt thing, but on second thought I decided to dig out my baby patterns and make ooordinating little sweat suits and skirts she can mix and match. I just love making baby stuff. Doesn't take much fabric and sews up fast. I had to laugh when one of the guys at the fire station announced they were expecting and I overheard our friend Anthony tell him "you have to let Mary know because she will make you the most amazing stuff". I really had fun with their first two boys...the first nursery theme was of course Fire Man...very easy for me...I have a kajillion fire embroidery designs. The second son's nursery was based on Anthony's other I went crazy over that too. Then he got hired at Seattle Fire and we don't see them much, so son #3 didn't get much. Anyway, back to Peyton...little girls are fun to dress so unless somebody stops me, I'm going to enjoy myself! As for sewing, I finished my Patrones skirt last night and am pleased with the results (sorry no photographer is out looking for the hairy horned one and won't return til next week). I plan to stitch the Burda top tonight because it will look great with the skirt and maybe I will even get the jacket done. I planned to line the skirt, but when I got the lining in it just didn't feel right, so I ripped it out and went with the facings, which was part of the original pattern. I am amazed that I got a skirt and jacket out of the 2 yards of fabric that I got from Fabric Mart. I had ordered 4 yards, but someone else had already cut off 2 for another customer, so I figured I could at least get a skirt or a jacket, but not both. The jacket of course is a short sleeve version, but I think it will be nice. More of a Spring outfit, but with the right blouse or sweater I can get away with Fall. I also purchased some fabric at the Goodwill yesterday. I love getting a big bag o' fabric for 2 or 3 bucks. They had some bags of woolens marked $29.99. I don't see that flying off the shelves, but I could be wrong. I'll wait til the right color tag comes up and get it for 50% off. Hey, it's tough economic times!!! Which is why I need to stay away from JoAnn's Columbus day sale (but I probably won't) The urge to buy fabric is growing!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My heart is full...

I just received word that I have been nominated for a blog excellence award! Kat of Phat Chick Designs nominated me. I feel truly blessed by the friends I have made in the blogging community. What started as a curiosity about what other like-minded souls were doing and an outlet for the crazy notions rambling around in my head, has become a community of people that I genuinely care about what is so in their lives. I think the comradery helps to know that we are not alone in our struggles with life and that darn lining that won't lie straight!
6 Qualities/Values that I find most important are:
1. Integrity-At the end of the day would you be proud to tell your Mama what you did?
2. Humor-Laughter is the best medicine
3. Kindness-WWJD?
4. Tolerance-Everyone is unique...lets appreciate our differences instead of condemning them
5. Respect-Refer to #4
6. Charity-You can always find someone who has it worst than you. It feels good to help

6 Negatives that I would condemn
1. Dishonesty
2. Cruelty to people and animals
3. Intolerance
4. Selfishness
5. Laziness
6. Chronic Whiners and Complainers (not the normal venting that we all do, but the people who can never find the blessing in the reality)

Now to nominate other great people who inspire me...
Amy, Lisa, Little Miss, Stacy, Cindy, and Barb
There are many more who should be honored and many that already have. Thank you all for sharing your lives with me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's my Friday!!!

Yikes, it has been a hard week at work. Doesn't help that it is my long week and last week ended up being a long week too! But enough's Friday! Should go to bed and get a good night's sleep since tomorrow is baby day, but I'm just not ready yet. I cut out BWOF 10/08 top #114 tonight. It is a precursor to making the dress version #115 out of some buttery soft jersey from Gorgeous Things. Actually the fabric for the top is from there too. I hope it turns out well and is not too low cut. Thursday is dedicated to sewing this week, barring any unforseen emergency. The room is ready. I pulled thread out of the rollers on my chair while watching CSI Miami last night. I love that I have laminate flooring in the studio which cleans up well, but somehow I still manage to get thread everywhere. You know that frenzied gotta get the project done asap mentality. Hopefully I will have some things to show by Friday!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Music Monday?

Well, maybe not. I have not been listening to much music lately. Maybe because I have not been in the studio much lately and doing other things. Been watching a lot of news regarding the stock market (God, will I EVER be able to retire?) and other political hoo-haw. I promise I won't use my blog to spout my political beliefs, because 1.) I know what I believe and 2.) Anyone who reads my blog probably doesn't care what I believe! In our early married years, my Hunny tried to convince me that we needed to vote as a block, because if I voted differently than him, we would cancel each other out. Sure, we have debates and most of the time we agree on the issues, but I'll let you in on a dirty little vote is MY vote and I vote for what I believe in. 'Nuff said! How did I get to this topic...oh music. I do have a new CD that Sara made for me with some new artists...perhaps I will listen to it tomorrow when I finish cleaning up the studio. I decided this morning that I needed to swamp out my sewing space before I sew anything else because the messiness was getting to me. I'm not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like some organization in my world. I'm going to put together a box of scraps for my boss' granddaughter who is interested in sewing. That's really how I started...designing for Barbie. Back to the morning, I spent some quality time with Peaches, my cockatiel, letting her ride around on my shoulder while I sterilized her cage. I like to run the perches, swings, food dishes and cage bottom throught the dishwasher when I clean them. She likes to be out with me...she's been lonely since we lost Darla. Once the studio is clean, I have a fleece jacket, a Patrones skirt with a jacket from one of the big 4...can't remember which company, and the green coat. I need to cut the new lining out for the coat and you know, it will probably be one of those projects that I will kick myself for dragging my feet so long. Such is life. Also on tap are the dog's Halloween costumes (Man, I need Grandkids!!!) Jo will be the devil and of course, Avis is an angel. Avis won't be working on Halloween, but maybe we can have a party for them earlier in the week. I also am making Jo an angel costume too, because it doesn't take much fabric to dress a pomeranian!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Baby Finished

Her first marathon!!! Sara ran the Portland marathon today. Unfortunately I couldn't be there to see her (damn work, anyway), but I kept sending her happy thoughts. Her time was around 5:06, which I think is great...I would probably still be running!!! The weather was rainy (Hey, it's Oregon!!!), which makes for a cooler, wet run. Congratulations Punkin!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm Back....

Just a quick post, dear blog. I have been one poor correspondent of late. Life has been crazy busy lately and by days end I am too exhausted to log on. I still have been trying to keep up with my peeps, but as for me, nothing but work at home and Guide Dogs. Worked an extra shift on Tuesday this week and told my boss I would not be available to pick up the Wednesday (Sacred babysitting engagement). I knew there would be another day...the other nurse never can be sick just one day and her illnesses always seem to coincide with difficult classes...mmmm??? Okay, enough snarkiness. The birthday party was nice. It ended up being a little more low key than originally planned, per the birthday boy's request. We can celebrate more when I turn 50 soon. Tom was all concerned that since I bought him a 4 wheeler (plus all the other stuff that goes with it) that he would have to spend that much money on me. I get what I need and I get what I want. I don't keep score. I told him I want to go to Alaska for my birthday, so we are going to check into trips at this year's Sportsmen show (a February tradition for us) I would like to go to Clam Gulch because I hear the razor clams are huge there and the limit is like a kajillion. I need to check on that. Digging razor clams is one of my favorite outdoor activities and I really would like to fish Alaska and really just explore. I am really excited that Discovery channel is starting a new reality series on the Iditarod. Back in the day Tom and I used to mush with an eye on someday doing the Iditarod. Tom worked with Jim Tofflemire, the first man from Oregon to complete the Iditarod and we were friends with Terry and Carrie Hinesly. We no longer run sled dogs, but the memories of a fresh trail on a cool morning still bring a smile to my face. The worst day on the trail always beat the best day at work!!! In other news, I almost fell off the wagon this morning. Ann of Gorgeous Fabrics is having her famous knit sale and of course always calls my name. Intellectually I know I have plenty of stuff in my stash to work with. I just love buying fabric. It could be that I am just craving retail therapy because Tom is gone hunting. Spending some time in the studio should help. I should be able to get there this week. In my off time I have been canning like a mad fiend...tomatoes, saurkraut and apples up the yin yang! 28 quarts of apple sauce and probably 25 pies in the freezer! I lost count. That's like an apple pie every other week...mmmm!!! The kraut is about the best we have ever done...I am pretty excited about it. The flavor is really mellow...almost lemony. I learned how to make kraut from Grandma and Pop and it's pretty simple...shred the cabbage into the crock...pound it with salt to taste (almost too salty)...add carrots and then seal off from air with a bag of water (I double the bag (don't want the kraut to be diluted by a slow leak...then forget about it for a couple weeks as it ferments. I made 15 pints and 3 quarts this year. I'm going to break into the first jar tonight with some good polish sausage. Can't wait for dinner!!! Hayden is coming to spend the evening with me tonight so his Mom and Dad can have a date. It should be a great (unproductive) night!

Project Dress a Girl

For the past couple of years, I have made dresses for Project Dress a Girl Around the World, in part thanks to the campaign launched by Mari...