Thursday, October 18, 2018


Anybody still out there??? I have not posted in almost a year!!! Years people!
Blogging used to be something I did daily once upon a time! And then life changed, as it always does, leaving me with no time to blog. It became "one more thing" and I didn't need another chore. But the pendulum has swung again and I do have time for such things, but the blogging community seems to have moved on. I still follow blogs, but now what I really enjoy is listening to the new iteration...VLOGs! I love Rachel at Stitched Up; Lindsay of Inside the Hem; Liz Sews; Rachel and Nikki-The Stitch Sisters and more! I thought I might give vlogging a shot and when I checked my YouTube channel, I see I already have 2 subscribers! What???!!! I did do a Fabricmart haul videoa few years back when I entered their bundle contest. I still love their bundles, but have not bought any in quite awhile. I haven't really bought alot of fabric except for the occasional remnant at JoAnns (I'm a sucker for remnants) because truly I have a magnificant stash and need to sew from it! I think I will do a best of the stash haul video to inspire me to get cracking with those gorgeous fabrics that have been waiting for their time to shine! I'll work on that! What I have been doing is alot more quilting and of course sewing knits! I am loving big warm sweaters and fleece tops. Tom says "You are really into wearing blankets right now, aren't you? Yep, it's getting cold again and blankets are what I need. I will sign off now as we are getting ready to go to the snow show, but will leave you with a picture of my precious babies and I playing in the snow last year.

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