Saturday, March 22, 2014

Back in Business

The sewing studio is coming together nicely! The work tables are in, the machines are in place and Tom mounted my birthday present today... A new TV to keep me entertained while I create.
I did a lot of organizing, dancing and even sewed a bit on a skirt I cut out last summer. Tomorrow is a serious day of sewing before the work week begins again.
So how's your weekend been?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Drive by

Just a quick drive by. Life has been incredibly hectic, but busy is good! The sewing studio is under renovation right now. Tom has ripped out the carpet and will lay the laminate flooring once we get some more paint to finish where the molding will drop down. (The carpet sat higher than the laminate will) I have several projects in line, but since I haven't had time to sew, I've been feverishly knitting scarves for our Relay for Life and ALS walk fundraisers. The girls just sold out of the Duck and Beaver stockpile I gave them, so the needles are flying again! (It's an Oregon thing!)  We have a big snowmobile ride tomorrow and Sunday is the sportsmen's show (AKA the best date ever!) Work is super busy with some exciting new projects happening. And the most exciting news of all? A new grandson will be arriving this summer and we're going to Texas to meet him! I really miss the kids and especially Colt-Colt! I suppose we will have to drop it to one Colt eventually, but for now, that's what he calls himself...or Ironman! Well, better go hop in the shower...almost time to go make the doughnuts! TGIF!

Project Dress a Girl

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