Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Checking In...

As my weekend draws to a close, a little check in is in order. It's been a great weekend. I got a lot of cleaning and organizing chores done, as well as traction on several projects! I picked up the makings of a quilt for our bed at the thrift store on Tuesday. Arlea said "you sew" and took me in the back room to ask my opinion on some squares and sashing that someone had dropped off. It was wildlife prints in blues and browns. I asked "how much do you want for it" and for $5.00 it became mine! I trued up all the pieces and it should be an easy quilt top to put together. I finished a maxi the other day and altered the pattern for a better fit...the next iteration is cut out as well as another tunic. My plan was to sew today, but my sweetie and I watched a movie (Argo) and I worked on my current pair of sock on the needles. Made a super brown sugar garlic glazed chicken for dinner tonight (thank you Pinterest) and now I am relaxing with my boys considering the work week ahead. Love the weekend!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Make Time for Sewing

Happy Sunday Morning! I'm up bright and early as usual and thought I should document my current sewing adventures. I completed my first Silhouette Patterns Giorgio top last night. Here's a picture on Valentine, as I am not getting dressed until I have to go to work this afternoon!
The fabric is a mauve colored ITY knit. I don't know why the center front seam is shining like does not look like that in real life. It is a simple pattern to fit and sew. The princess lines are very flattering. I have some light grey capris that I think will marry well with this top.

As for my blog post title, "Make Time for Sewing"...I was watching one of Peggy Sager's webcast yesterday, and one of the questions she answered was from a woman asking how she could be more productive as she had a hard time getting to her was low on the priority list after washing the dirty dishes, laundry, meal preparation, etc... Sound familiar? It gobsmacked me right upside the head! We all have the same amount of hours in a day! If we want to sew we need to just make the time to do it, and if it means something gets undone that day, so be it! We can enlist the help of our family to do the necessary chores to allow us time to pursue our passions. We can put a screen up and hide our works in progress if chaos makes us crazy. I am lucky enought to have a dedicated sewing room, so I can just shut the door if it's a mess, but there are ways to deal with the clutter that kicks our OCD into hyperdrive! So my new mantra is Make Time for Sewing, because if I wait for the perfect time, it will never come!

I hope you are all having a safe and relaxed Memorial day weekend. Take time to remember those who sacrificed and continue to work for our freedom! I am working the whole weekend of course, but guess what? I'm making time for sewing! :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This Girl is on Fire...

After a long lull I completed my Sewaholic Cordova jacket and two tops over my weekend! I wore McCalls 6513 view A in a similar coral colored knit today with my Cordova. Don't look for a picture though, as this Mama was tired after her long Monday! I also made the Maria of Denmark kimono tee offered for free over at Craftsy. Go check it's a great quick palate cleanser and a great pattern to use up those remnants. Busy week ahead, so we'll see if this mojo keeps on. I hope so...I need some new clothes!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Good fabric Gone bad...

Ugh! I've been sewing in my free time,but have nothing to show for it! Last night I was working out a peplum top McCalls 6754 with a piece of fabric I picked up at a thrift store. When I was sewing on the peplum I noticed some holes in the fabric. Since I didn't have enough fabric left to cut a new piece, I settled for calling it a muslin as there were some tweaks to be made to the pattern. Tonight I felt like I just needed to sew something successful, so I pulled out the Jalie cardigan I had cut out weeks ago. I have made this many is great...goes together quickly. I didn't stabilize the neck and the lovely sweater knit ran! Ugh! Rookie! Hopefully this string of calamities will be over soon!

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