Saturday, August 23, 2014


This is my version of Barb's Flypaper Thoughts...years of schooling has taught me to fear plagiarizing!

* I have shelves in the studio now and part of my stash is on display
* Yes, I have more fabric than the shelves can hold
* I have a new love
* His name is Jack and he is perfect!
* Jack lives in Texas with his brother Colt
* We took an epic trip to Texas
* It took 2 1/2 days to get there
* We took a little longer to get home
* I don't care for New Mexico
* I love Colorado
* Jackson Wyoming is a special place
* Work has been intense
* I love my job
* I really do...I'm not being sarcastic
* I have miles to go before I sleep
* Listening to Tim McGraw
* He still floats my boat
* Now Luke Bryan is singing
* Oh yeah...
* Can't wait for winter
* Love my sled
* Tom will probably want an upgrade and then I'll love his sled
* Oops, I meant Colt's sled
* I ride Jack's
* The kids are planning to come to Oregon for Christmas
* I miss Gaylen...what you been up to girl?
* Finally found some time to watch the second season of OITNB
* I miss prison
* Don't freak out...I worked there
* Retirement looks fun
* Wish I was at the ranch with Tom
* Someday
* I only bought one pattern today
* Maggy London is my krypytonite
* Found an immaculate pair of white Danskos in my size at Goodwill today
* Scored on scrubs too
* Sorry my Rachels
* Tomorrow I sew

This has been a fun exercise. I leave you with a picture from Jackson...the town I would adopt had I not fell in love with La Pine

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