Saturday, August 20, 2016

Under Pressure

I know some of you are now humming that David Bowie tune right now! I can always tell when I am under pressure because I buy fabric. Anyone else do that too? Let's just say, there are some beautiful fabrics heading my way. Fabricmart is always there for me with a great sale when I need them! The good news is that I have been using fabric like nobodies business. I finished a maxi, a top and an alteration on a sweater last night. I have one more top cut out to sew and then I need to have a cutting session. I plan to sew again today...Tom is out on a wildfire so I have all weekend to sew (and buy more fabric). Pictures to come when my photographer returns. you find Kwik Sew patterns run big? I have made two styles recently cut out at my size and had to take things in significantly. I am not a petite person by any stretch of the imagination, but I am thinking I need to start at the XS size! Vanity sizing? 

Well, I am going to grab a bite and head into the studio...have a great weekend!

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