Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just a drive by...

Wow, blogging has definitely taken a backseat lately in this game called LIFE! I'm happy to report the Mojo is rising and there shall be personal sewing going on. I'm down to a couple of paying jobs and one is waiting for the fabric to come, so Mama needs a new Spring wardrobe. I really love to make dresses, but separates, i.e. tops and pants are really a more practical choice for my lifestyle. Since we exercise every morning before beginning work (a benefit in my opinion), wearing a dress might make it a little challenging. I pulled 4 fabrics and patterns last night and will most likely have a cutting session tonight. I may even take my gear down to the fire station and cut there on the big long tables. Tom is on a 48, so that way I can spend some time with him (barring any emergencies of course) after dinner. Dinner, ugh! Looking for inspiration there. I received Ree Drummond's new cookbook for my birthday recently. I made the roasted cauliflower last night...wonder what the Pioneer Woman would recommend for tonight? Guess I better get myself in gear to get through this day...I'll worry about dinner later!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Devil is in the Details...

Another busy week has flown by. Still no sewing for me, but I am making headway. Except for the tote of LightSong embroidery Sioux brought me. The work flows out...the work flows in... Tom has been sick, but felt well enough today to go to work, so once I get off the computer it's time to rock. Lots of chores to do, schedules to rearrange (someone made multiple appointments for the same time...wasn't me!!!). 
Yesterday we took a little day trip to Vernonia to check out a log home open house. Hank has been courting us because he would like us to build our retirement home with his company. The home was beautiful except it was located in a really odd location midst some really dumpy homes. Oh well, we were not there to check out the 'hood. It was great to see the flat log interior inside, I think that is how I would like to go, but I've never been inside one with the natural round long interior, so we will go check that out next. We did find a floor plan that is close to what we have in mind, so that's a start.
I'm still running with the Iknitarod. The back is finished and the first front piece is going well. It has a fairly easy 14 row cable repeat that is actually ingrained in my head now. I think maybe I need to make some socks next...something quick and easy, but Knitty did have a cute cardi that I may have to make. We'll see how I feel when the race is over!
Well, it's almost 7:30...time to get rolling. Catch you all on the flip side...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello it's me...

I've thought about us for a long, long time...Wow! I think this has been my longest stretch of not posting anything to my blog! I miss it, although I have been checking in with my peeps! Peeps! Easter is right around the corner!!! I was actually born on Easter Sunday. My 5th birthday was on Easter. Won't happen again until 2043 when I turn 84. Guess I'll have a party if I make it to 84. You're all invited!
I have been sewing. Just not for me! Boo!!! Seems like I get one job done and another one rolls right on in. Oh well, guess I'm popular with the sewing impaired crowd. I have been knitting as much as possible, but have been suffering from a bit of knitting ADD as of late...flitting from project to project. I finally settled on a project for the Iknitarod group on Ravelry. Having a concrete goal should keep me on task. I am creating a button down cape from the Winter Vogue Knitting magazine. It's going pretty well except when Mr. Man asks me if I've ripped out anything lately. I always seem to mess up after that question and get caught ripping it out! Because of work demands I was unable to do the Rose City Yarn Crawl. I did manage to hoof it up to Knit/Purl on my lunch break yesterday and was rewarded with a beautiful tomato red sample sweater they had on sale for $20.00. I know I should DIY, but I can't even buy the yarn for that and it was the perfect color. The only bad thing was that it had these huge butt ugly buttons that needed additional snaps to keep it closed. YUK! I removed the snaps and the buttons this morning and replaced them with buttons I like. Here is the sweater:
Here is a close up of the vintage buttons I added:
I like these much better. I also purchased a copy of the Knitter, a UK knitting magazine. There were several projects I would like to make out of it. Maybe when the cape is done...
The sun is actually out this afternoon. Big improvement over the sloppy snow we have had lately. Rain is predicted to come back next week. So much to do to get the garden ready...maybe I will chance planting the beans in the cold frame next week...must talk to Mr. Man for feedback.
In food news, we have been really into cooking with good olive oil and balsamic vinegars from the Oil & Vinegar store. My new favorite is Elderberry, Apple & Lime vinegar. It's a sweet citrusy blend. Tom cooked some Tilapia the other night and then grilled some pineapple rings. He deglazed the pan with raspberry BV and topped the fish with the pineapple/vinegar sauce...oh my gosh! Heavenly! So then last night he surprised me with some trout he smoked, so I made a super salad with it with an Elderberry, Apple & Lime vinaigrette I made...mmmm Makes me hungry thinking about it!
The poms have all been bathed and nails trimmed. Seems like I always quick Jo no matter what method I use to do his nails. Poor little Diva dog. Sam is a dream to groom. So well behaved. Well, guess I better get off the computer and get busy. Hopefully it won't be such a long time til I post again.l

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