Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Favorite Sundress

I finished the sundress last night. Sewing was a nice distraction as my Father passed away yesterday and I really didn't know what to do with myself. Of course sewing will be put on hold as we prepare to say goodbye this week, but I will try to squeeze out some sew time when I can because it is therapeutic for me. Of course this dress will sit in the closet for sunnier weather, but it will be nice when summer comes. The pattern is Simplicity 6408, circa early 80's. I made this in a white floral print when Sara was a toddler and I wore the dress forever. I'm utterly amazed that I still wear the same size. The skirt is full...cut on the bias with a few gathers around the hip. The directions are a little funky, so I put it together my way. Sometimes you have to think differently to get a better finished project.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Snow day...No way!!!

The weatherman teased us last night that we might have snow to the valley floor...did not happen. The clouds made a weak effort, but basically we ended up with wet slushy roads. Worked all day and then made stops at the store, library and post office on my way home. Picked up a book on 50 must have sewing notions, that was fun to read...I have many of them, but I did see a few new things I didn't know about and need to check out. I made a broccoli~cheese soup for dinner that was really good...the dishes are done and Tom is channel surfing between a bowl game and American Chopper...gotta love those biker boyz! Tomorrow is a big sew day...I have nothing to do but make some bread for dinner (Trav and Jason are making swedish meatballs...MMMM) Hope I have some projects to show by tomorrow night.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back to Work

I went to work after a visit to the Clinic. I am committing to finding out what is going on with my pain issues, which means I have to go see a rheumatologist. They got me an appointment within 2 weeks, which is pretty amazing...the bad news is that I have to go into the BIG CITY for this initial appointment. I could have been a big fat chicken and wait 3 months to get into the eastside clinic, but that isn't very brave and doesn't show much commitment. Hopefully this will result in better living without pain anymore. Work was okay...I made headway on calling the students for the next class...they are predicting snow tomorrow, so we will see about the commute! As for sewing, I am letting it be for tonight...I'm tired and bed is looking really inviting...I will have Friday blissfully to myself to create!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Just a little note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas...I have added some pictures as it is the time of the year when we torture the pets with cutsie outfits. Poor Jo is usually the recipient of this silly tradition. I tried to put a gold lame' boot on Figgy, but he wasn't having it. Jo did much better walking in his boots this year...he didn't try to walk on his front paws as he has in years past...maybe he has resigned himself to the fact that he lives with a bunch of crazy people who play with their pets for entertainment. I think he gets enough enjoyment out of us that it makes up for all the silliness. We had Christmas eve with the kids last night...they gave us the coolest digital photo frame with all the wedding pics and some other family photos. I love of the best gifts ever!!! Technology can be a very good thing sometimes!. We had the requested parmesan chicken and roasted rosemary potatoes for dessert...everyone was pretty well stuffed with that and some fresh pineapple with cottage cheese. Smoked prime rib tonight baby!!! I need to go put together the hot crab dip and figure out what recipe I plan to use for the rolls. I made some bread last night for Travis...he loves my homemade bread and I love making it...makes me feel close to Grandma!!! Well, I'd best get at it...maybe some sewing will get done today!!!! (Since we were out of power for most of the day yesterday...and Tom did offer to run a cord up from the generator so I could sew!!! What a Sweetie!!!)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lazy Day

I woke up this morning feeling less than my normal perky self...virus...old age...who knows what my problem is? My Hero made a delicious breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy with eggs. MMMM! That made me feel a bit better, but not well enough to accomplish much more than read a couple books, peruse the latest issue of Sewing News and watch a few football games. Go Seahawks!!! Now I am waiting for the latest build of Embird to download (darn dial up anyway!) Oh well, on the bright side it affords me some time to blog. Maybe I will head on over to Craig's list to look for a sewing machine for Annie. She aspires to start her own website selling embellished onesies, etc. Reminds me of when Sara was little and I made bank selling homemade Cabbage Patch dolls. I don't think I ever made one for Sara...maybe I should make her one now. I did make her a whole litter of homemade Pound Puppies for her third birthday. I was big into sewing then. It feels good to "return to my roots" and be creative. It feeds my soul. Embird Studio is for the main Embird...patience SewMama!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It's not even noon yet and I have 10 towels (for me) and the better part of a dress done!!! Yeehaw! Going to take a shower and a break to head to town for some errands. Feels good to make some PROGRESS!

Friday, December 21, 2007


I made it! I thought the week would never end, but finally Christmas vacation is here and I have a blissful day of sewing planned for tomorrow. JoAnn's was having a sale this weekend...Butterick patterns were 99 cents, so I did my homework and had my list of pattern numbers ready so I could just hit the cabinet. I selected some darling styles for my Spring wardrobe and purchased a few pieces of fabric to go with my Fabric Mart stock. I have fabric in mind for all of the patterns and hope to get a lot of items done over the break. They are predicting snow next week, which would be great as long as we don't lose power. I don't think Tom would fire up the generator so I could sew, although I could bust out the old treadle Singer and do it the old fashioned way! Hopefully I can post with some pictures of the fruits of my labor...for now I am going to start cutting out pattern pieces.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yay...Package from FabricMart has arrived!!!

I'm so excited...I received my package from FabricMart today and the fabric is fabulous. I ordered some of the bargain (99 cent) fabric to see just what you get for 99 cents a yard. I got a beautiful piece of cinnamon paisley chiffon that I dearly love. The turquoise fabric was all gone, but I was amazed at what I received in my mystery bundle. I expected some of the fabric would not fit in with my sewing scheme, but everything was gorgeous. There are 3 yard of a cobalt blue crushed velvet that will make something elegant. For casual wear there are 3 yards of a sand colered pinwale corduroy and then 2 yards of black with pink polka dots polyester that will make a nice casual top or a nice lining for a black jacket and a beautiful green and black striped sheer that I really like. I definitely will buy some more fabric there. As for work, only a day and a half left...3 more First Aid classes to teach and then a much needed break. The weather report is predicting snow for Christmas night...wouldn't that be fun??? Saturday Tom is on duty, so I may treat myself to a day in the sewing room playing with my new fabrics. Yay!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pleasant Valley Sunday

All in all Sunday turned out to be an alright day. I cracked crab for most of the morning and have the cut to prove it. I went to Fred Meyers to take out a loan for the prime rib we are having for Christmas dinner. I didn't really take out a loan, but I seriously dropped a chunk of change for a piece of meat!!! I baked a cake to go along with the crab salad we had for dinner at the fire hall. I spent the afternoon and most of the evening sewing. I finished all the mending, hemming and fix it projects and started working on the sundress I cut out last summer. I know it seems odd to be making a sundress in winter, but it will be nice to have a new dress when the weather again turns warm and it is fun to be working with such cheery fabric. Next I will do the vintage top and by then my fabric from Fabric Mart should be here. I will be starting a quilt block swap at work after the holidays, so hopefully that will not take up too much sew time. The little pesky grey dog is bothering me with his wiffle ball. He thinks the world revolves around him and I think he's right!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Break...Here I Come!!!

Well not exactly, but today is graduation day for the last class of the year, so my duties and working schedule will change a bit and I am headed for some time off in the near future. What to do...what to do??? I know...I think I will sew! The cleaning is going sewing studio is pretty much swamped out (one good sew session should turn it into a no fly zone again!) The floor is cleaned and all the stray threads have been vacuumed off the rug. My back table is organized with projects cut out to sew...a summer dress (well intentioned for this past I am ahead for NEXT summer), a vintage top that I loved in the 70's (No, I did not cut it out in the 70's, for those of you who know me!!!); some simple tanks (again for summer), plus a RTW top that I bought at a steal that was a size 16 that needs to be altered to a 10/12. Also awaiting my sewing skills are the carharrt pants that Tom set on fire welding (patch...maybe with something cute embroidered on them like "Flame On") and some dress pants he needs hemmed. Those should be quick to knock out. I have been so focused on embroidery projects that need my direct attention that I have not spent much time on regular sewing. Of course I probably won't be able to stand the quiet and may throw on the dish towels I bought at IKEA for me. I'm thinking Embroidery Library's Toile Farm Animals, because they are darn cute and require little interaction from me beyond hooping and pushing the button (Touch wood...can't be too superstitious when it comes to embroidery machine voodoo). I have all day tomorrow to myself as Tom is on duty and my presence will not be needed until dinner time. Hopefully Tom will come home from Coos Bay with a lot of crab, so dinner will be as simple as making a big salad and french bread. I may go shopping...better check the JoAnn flyer to see what I absolutely must have...yeah, that's a pretty good one I know. My latest plan is to go through all my books and craft leaflets to see what I can live without. There is no way I can do all the projects I have planned, but I guess dreaming about projects is half the fun. Hmmm!

Friday, December 14, 2007

What about Bob?

It's amazing how much a little thing like a haircut can improve my mood. I woke up this morning thinking "I need to do something about my hair today". Except for the obligatory trim to combat split ends, I had been growing out my hair for almost 5 years. Lately my hair had been getting caught in the seatbelt, pulled when I swung my bag over my shoulder and breaking off, most noticeably in food I prepared. I had been thinking about a bob for some time now, but did not think I had the youth or style to rock a Posh spice coif. I did a little online research and came up with the style for me. My dear stylist said it was within the realm of possibilities, so snip away she did. I LOVE IT!!! Although I am not as cute as Katie Holmes, I think the cut does wonders for me and makes me look younger! (Caron is a beautician, not a magician!!!) Anyway, I returned home after my treat at the salon and continued with the cleaning obsession...I hope this ends soon...all this cleaning is wearing me out!!! In sewing news, I saw an adorable coat today on a gal in the mall. It was a beautiful chocolate wool...empire waist; 3/4 length sleeves with a ruffle; length just past the hips. I must make one soon. I will have to search for a pattern to start with and then look for the perfect fabric. What fun

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Tree is Up...

And the embroidery machine is getting a well deserved rest. I finished Jason's fleece and have been cleaning like a mad fiend! I still have some problem areas that need some attention, but there's always tomorrow. I bought a small tree from the Boy Scouts and decorated it tonight. I'm hoping it will help me to get in the spirit. Not quite sure why, but I am feeling a little blue...tired I guess. I think I will head to bed since I have to get up early for work tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Figgy Paws

Another busy day in elf land. I finished the gifts for our friends at the ranch. The sweatshirts look awesome and the little ditty bags turned out really nice too. It looks like I just might make it after all! I even had time to run a mile and a half. I haven't ran in over a month because I have felt so wretched. It hurt a bit, but I was able to maintain a decent pace and it feels good to get back at it. Tomorrow's tasks include names for Annie and Travis's stockings and maybe a bib and towel to stick in Hayden's stocking. My honey just arrived home, so it's time for a dessert date. Til tomorrow...M

Sunday, December 9, 2007


I thought I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on Christmas sewing...I mastered the in-the-hoop toothbrush holder, which takes about 4 minutes to stitch out on the embroidery machine. I finished one before heading to work, but put together all the fabric pieces and ribbon to do the other 4 tomorrow morning. 4 more sweatshirts for our ranch kids and then of course the IAFF sweatshirts for the guys, and then Jason's jacket...then my boss asks "do you have time for another project in the next couple days?" I thought I had things under control, but once I listed them out, things seem a little overwhelming!!! Thank goodness I have 3 days off this week! I sent off a package to my friend Emma from ATW. Christmas is about caring and helping one another. Emma is always helping someone, so it only seems right to help her when her family is in need. Tom finished putting together the computer armoire from IKEA today. It is very beautiful in the family room...I like it. Tomorrow I will finish putting away all the stuff we cleaned out of the old computer desk. Feels good to purge and organize. Maybe one day there will be hope for the sewing studio! (Don't hold your breath!) Yesterday was our anniversary and Tom made a fabulous dinner. Butternut ginger cream soup, Teriyaki-orange marinated tuna on the barbie, his famous foccacia, roasted parmesan asparagus (my contribution) and a great salad. I also made a chocolate peanut butter chip cream cheese bar for dessert. The kids joined us to round out the celebration...a good time was had by all. We played with the pets after dinner...the furbabies always seem to take center stage. On a sewing note, I am anxiously awaiting my package from Fabric Mart, to create with some new fabric!!! Wah-hoo!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Visit from an old Friend

Who can it be? A childhood pal or someone from the distant past? Nope! I was cruising a vintage pattern site, looking back at patterns from the 70's when I spotted a familiar pattern that I made in my teens when I was a neophyte seamstress. I sewed a lot when I was young because growing up in a big family without a lot of money that was the only way I was going to get new clothes. We received a lot of hand me downs, which was always fun for me. Looking back now I realize we were pretty poor, but it didn't seem like it back then. My Grandma gave me old dresses that I would cut down to make "designer originals". I really didn't have boundaries then in my sewing...I was more willing to take chances. I learned a lot in those early sewing years. I wish I still had some of those old patterns, but truth be told...I would need to make them bigger these days. Maybe I can find them a larger size!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Little Hiatus

Little hiatus from blogging, but not sewing. I embroidered the ranch brand on all the sweatshirts for the kids at the ranch and finished one dreamcatcher design on one of the sweatshirts. There are 5 kids, so only 4 more to go! Plus some other little surprises. Another little adventure during my days off was I discovered IKEA. I knew about IKEA, but had no idea I would find so many things I had to have! We purchased a computer armoire that will be perfect in the family room, a cat house for Fig, a message center organizer, several items for the kitchen and towels and bibs to new favorite store.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Project Completed

I'm happy to report I finished what I set out to complete today. The anniversary gift is least the sewing portion. I probably will make some tempting chocolate confection because Tom loves chocolate, but that will be done on Friday while he is at work. I received payment for some hemming I did last month, so I treated myself to a shopping trip to Fabric Mart. I had never shopped there before, but after seeing all the beautiful things made from their fabrics, I had to give it a try. They had some pretty pieces for a terrific price. I bought several yards of a beautiful paisley print chiffon in browns and ambers that I think will make a lovely spring dress. I also purchased several yard of a bright turquoise jersey/lycra. I may make something for Sara, or if I like it, something for Mama. I also took a chance on a designer mystery bag of 10 yards total of different designer fabrics. I love remnants, so this should be fun...we'll see. It's late, so I better head to bed because tomorrow is another busy day.

Big Fish

This Sturgeon was caught on the Willamette River just below Oregon City two weeks ago.

It weighed out at over 1,000 lbs and measured out at 11'1". It was 56" around the girth and took over 6 and a half hours, and 4 dozen beers, for the 4 guys taking turns at the reeling it in.

Any Sturgeon OVER about five feet has to be released unharmed and cannot be removed from the water.

Totally unrelated to sewing, but one amazing fish!!!

It's my Friday...

No need to check your is Tuesday by the traditional calendar, but it is day5 at work, which means I am entitled to a couple of days away from the salt mine!!! Friday (the real Friday) when I go back I get to attend the volunteer luncheon which should be fun and calorie laden. Catherine and Kristyn have been busy creating a wonderful feast. I'm very thankful for our volunteers and the good food of which I am lucky enough to partake of! But I digress...sewing...that's what this blog is about, isn't it? Directly after I finish screwing around on the computer I will head to the inner sanctum to create today's masterpiece. I don't have high expectations of accomplishing much this morning since I do have to go to work, but the must finish project is a case for the compass I bought for my Hunny for our anniversary. I plan to embroider "You are my True North" onto some pre-quilted fabric and make a nice zippered bag he can toss in his pocket. His old compass broke and he just wants another simple one. He has a GPS, but we are simple folk, you know and sometimes you just need a compass to get you heading in the right direction. It worked for thousands of years before technology brought us great electronics. I am not knocking electronics...the good Lord knows how much I covet my embroidery machines (oops, is that a sin?), but relying on your senses and your environment are also good skills to hone. The Christmas advent stockings have started, so I will leave you with pictures of this years "snake surprise". I don't think Sara has found my blog yet, so I am probably safe to publish this. I will send her a link after I get the "Thanks alot Mother!!!" phone call...evil laugh!!! M

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Music?

No sewing today...time to pay bills and buy a new coffee pot. The Bunn from the dark ages finally gave up the ghost and the backup pot just won't stand the strain . I have been listening to the Christmas station the last couple of days...some people consider that blasphemy. I find it rather comforting. I like many types of music...I have even been known to busta few rhymes from time to time. Music is just another form of creative expression and I can appreciate many different artists. Songs from the past can take me back to a different time in my life...a much younger time. Christmas music? Yes!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tired of Sewing????

Not!!! Well, I was for about 30 seconds, but I feel the creative energy starting to well back up. Sara and I had a marathon sewing session yesterday that went deep into the dark night. I was getting so tired considering I had arose at 4:45 that morning to go to work, but the cause was so great and the company greater that I kept on stitching. We finished a number of projects for the folks at the care facility and I learned a little more about how this project came to be. Apparently a couple years ago a co-worker in Sara's office suggested adopting some of the people in the facility that her Mother lived in that had no family. The staff would try to buy gifts for these folks and brighten their holiday, but there was a tremendous need. I am so proud of Sara's generous spirit and it was fun to work together...all I can say is F-A-A-A-A-R-TTT!!! We finished about 11:30 and the studio looks like a bomb went off in it. I'm not even going to worry about it...tomorrow I will give the machines a good cleaning and start organizing as I work on the rest of my Christmas gifts...sweatshirts, etc...the EMP6 will get a well deserved visit to the spa for a wellness check and cleaning while Tom and I take a mini holiday after the new year. I'm not sure where we will go, but it will be fun where ever we choose to roam! After the holidays I plan to start working on my spring wardrobe...maybe if I get an early start I can get some things done for the actual season!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Busy,Busy, Busy...

Seems like the fun never ends...looking forward to a fast and furious crafting evening with my favorite daughter...okay, my only daughter. We have lots to do for our Christmas extravaganza...Sara is shopping as I speak. I didn't get to sew at all yesterday as we went to our friend Travis' graduation from TVF&R Fire academy and then out to dinner with the gang. A good time was had by all, but now it's back to business. I think once the holidays are over, I will concentrate on my wardrobe and stitching up those WIPs I cut out last month that are sitting pathetically on my back table. Better get cracking!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let the creative juices flow...

I have been gone for a couple days...holed up in the studio getting things done!!! It feels good to start seeing some progress, but there is still lots to do. I mailed out my Christmas packages to my FQ swapping buddies from ATW and finished my sewing projects for the GDB volunteer gift. Did several shirts for Phil, one of our Christmas people and embroidered a darling jacket for Mason. Of course I had to do something for Kaylee too. I have 2 Muu-muus cut out...I altered a simple top pattern and added some pockets because I like pockets (so of course everyone else must too!) I'll let the pictures speak for me...I need to get back to work...see you soon! Mary

Monday, November 26, 2007

Man! I'm Tired!

This has been the neverending day! I have been running since the moment I opened my eyes. There was a rogue alarm going off at 6:00 a.m. that stopped right before I located it. I will do a quick scan before I go to bed tonight to hopefully find it. I crawled back in bed this morning because it seemed like the right thing to do. Fig the cat climbed up the puppy stairs and sat on the edge of my pillow nose to nose with me...guess he was hungry, so I got up. I had embroidered the volunteer scarf last night when I got home from work. I was going to leave the stocking hat alone, but true to my OCD soul, I had to shrink a matching design to tie the hat to the scarf. I didn't get a chance to take a picture before taking it to work, so maybe I will take my camera to work Friday. I am off the next 3 days...yay!!! I took the stray dog to the shelter...I hate that there are animals that don't have people who love them. I pray that someone will adopt him...he is a nice pup. We have such a nice balance here now with our crew and it wouldn't be fair to anyone to bring another animal into the fold. I still feel sad though. I stopped at JoAnn's on my way back home...picked up some yarn to finish the Navaho Afghan I am making for the Christmas project and found a darling cat fabric remnant. Stopped at KMart and found some nice sweatshirts for $5.00 a piece...the XX sizes were a little more. I now have the start of my 3 day weekend...Tom would like to do shirts for the guys at the station, so it's back to KMart tomorrow. Better get to bed so I can rest up!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cold and Achy...

Or maybe I should say "Old and achy"...not quite sure which it is...Woke up with a headache this morning that I was able to knock with a pot of coffee, an indocin and some sudafed, but I just don't feel totally up to par. A nice nap sounds inviting right now. I changed the sheets on the waterbed, so that is going to feel heavenly when bedtime finally rolls around (is it time yet?) I stitched out a sample of the volunteer design that sewed okay, but the machine started acting up. I was using some cheaper thread that I thought was very pretty, but after trying several things determined that the thread was the root of all evil. Once I switched back to the thread I normally use, things were back to normal. Moral of the story: Don't use cheap thread! Enough for now...I think I will go take some Tylenol and see if that doesn't pep me up.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

One more thing before I cook Dinner...

It's almost time for dinner...we discussed how long it had been since a sturgeon graced our was the time Sara and Dad went fishing...that was a LONG time ago. Hope we don't have to wait so long to catch another. On a sewing note, I replaced the burned out sleeve on Tom's jacket and found my desired design...whew!!! I will fire up the embroidery machine and work on that in the morning before work. The serger is working well (knock on wood) I think my troubles were more operator error related than stupid machine. Amazing things happen when you read the instruction manual. Guess I better go tend to dinner. The kids are here and Sara is not feeling well (no, she assures me she is not pg) Til next time...Mary

Mmmmm...Sturgeon for dinner tonight

I am very happy to report that the Deeter family kitchen will be serving up fresh sturgeon for dinner tonight! So tasty for such an ugly fish!!! Yes!!! The drought is over...let the sturgeon school rain down on us. It's been a really long time since Tom has caught a sturgeon. Yesterday's catch was 54" and they also had a few shakers too, so they had some action in the boat. How does this relate to sewing, you may ask? There was another casualty besides the poor sturgeon that is sitting in our refrigerator. The camoflauge fleece jacket that I made for Tom with the digitized by me IAFF logo embroidered on it had an unfortunate incident with the propane heater in the boat. Luckily I stll have plenty of fabric left that I can replace the sleeve that now has a big burn hole in it. I'll get right on it after I fix the Carharts that Tom set on fire while welding. Are we starting to see a trend here...a fireman who keeps setting his clothes on fire??? I can have fun with this!!! Back to sewing...I made a little progress on the Volunteer gift...searching for that design I know I have, but can't remember which folder I put it in (a theme in MY life) Lots of projects to work on...Tom is starting a double tomorrow, so even though I work both days I will be able to eak out alot of sew time. Sometimes I do my best work late at night and you can't fire up the machines when someone is trying to sleep!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Back to Life...Back to Reality...

Good morning...Thanksgiving is over...the dishes have all been washed and put away...Jo and I are back at work...such is life. The holiday was nice...good food...good friends. We missed the kids, but they are coming Saturday, so we will have a good time then. Lots of sewing projects to work on...the hat and scarf for the Guide Dogs Volunteer gift need embroidered...Muu-muus to finish and shirts to embroider. Also need to finish the gifts for the Davis family kids...I make them something every year...I'm sure one year they will say enough already, but I love making stuff for them...I love making stuff period!!! I finished wrapping all the presents for the advent stockings, so those are ready to go December 1st. We also aquired a new boarder yesterday...a very nice black lab that was wandering on the highway. A good samaritan picked him up because she was afraid he would cause an accident or get hurt and brought him to the fire department. Tom called me and of course I took him in. He is very sweet...someone must be missing him. I will call around today and see if anyone has reported him missing. He has wonderful house behaviors and picked up some simple obedience really fast (He heels better than Kodi ever has!) I called him "Buddy", but Tom said last night..."we gotta come up with a better name than that if he stays". I think "Ace of Spades" would be a good name, but hopefully he has a loving family looking for him...the rest of our crew is not so wild about him. Kodi tried to hump him, Fig the cat tried to attack him and Jo has just gone into a power pout. The bird doesn't care. Now on to Christmas...Santa Paws asks..."Have you been naughty or nice?"

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a moment to pause and reflect on how blessed I am. I have enough. I have a great family and friends who support me in my passions. I am thankful for a wonderful son-in-law who takes such good care of my daughter. I have a job that allows me time to do the things I want to do. I have food to eat and a warm home to shelter me. I have loving pets to keep me amused. Today I will cook a turkey dinner at the fire station and share the holiday with many friends. I will try to get some sewing done as well, as it is back to work tomorrow! I bought some larger patterns and some beautiful fabric to make some Muu-muus for some of the residents at the care facility my daughter adopted. Today is dog day for our students, so they will have their dogs when I return...always a good thing!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day before Thanksgiving

Here it is the day before Thanksgiving. We are having a lazy morning...drinking coffee and watching GAC. I am sitting in the "bother me" chair, which truly is any chair you sit in, but particularly if you are sitting at the computer Jo believes you are there solely for his entertainment. His toy basket sits in the family room and we play fetch until he falls over for a quick recharge and then it begins again. Plans for the day include baking the bread for the week, preparing the dishes I can today for tomorrow's feast at the fire hall and of course sewing. I finished the advent stockings for the kids so I will post a picture...oh no, Daddy threw the ball behind the entertainment center and Jo is having a fit...must go intervene!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Sewing Today :(

Ever have a day that didn't turn out quite how you planned, but turned out okay anyway? Today was such a day...I had every intention of getting some more sewing done before going to work today, but some friends called and invited us out to breakfast, so it was off to Shorty's Corner. Made it home with enough time to strap little Jo in his car seat and hit the library before work. Work was hectic, but it's my Friday and I have the next two days off, so it's all good!!! Here is a picture of a baby quilt I made a few years ago in honor of all my friends having babies this year (I think it's in the water!!!)

Monday, November 19, 2007


Not really about sewing, but I'm thinking about sewing. I have the coolest nursing job on the planet (well at least as far as I know for now...I have not had every nursing job on the planet). I work for Guide Dogs for the Blind and it is the first and only nursing job I know that allows, even encourages you to bring your dog to work. Jo likes it most days, but now that the days are getting colder, he really would prefer to stay at home in bed!!! We have students who come from all over the United States and Canada to train with their guide dog. First timers come for 28 days, people who have had dogs before can come for 3 or even 2 week courses. Check it out:

Enjoy a video about Guide Dogs
If you know someone who is blind, please tell them about Guide Dogs.


Here I first blog post. I have been living vicariously for weeks reading other people's sewing blogs and I thought it was about time that I start journaling my own course. I have sewn for many years...started with a treadle machine if that tells you anything!!! I currently own 2 embroidery machines (a Brother ULT2003D and a Babylock EMP6); 2 "regular" sewing machines; a serger with coverstitch and one of the original treadles that started me on this journey. I am currently working on Christmas projects. New advent stockings for my kids, Sara and Bryce. A friend started me on this a couple years ago...she created advent stockings for her kids that contained small gifts for every day in December until Christmas. I started with big felt Christmas stockings from the Dollar Tree, but this year I am making new ones because the Dollar Tree ones were looking pretty ragged last year and frankly, it easier to make new ones than to try and figure out where I stashed them last year! Do you ever do that...put something away thinking you would never forget where it is and then for the life of you, can't find it when you need it? Must be a sign of my impending old age!!! I digress though...the kids loved the advent stockings and make sure that I get the stockings back post Christmas so I can do it again next year. The gifts are practical, silly and inexpensive. I collect things throughout the year and give them things like home made jam and home canned tuna, toys and treats for my grandkitty Lola, christmas ornaments and just fun stuff. I have a surprise gift for Sara, but I can't post it until she opens it, because she might read this...Love ya Honey!!! I'll take a picture for a later post...hehehe!!! Well, I have been playing long enough and must get some work done before I head to work at my real job...more about that stitches...Mary

Project Dress a Girl

For the past couple of years, I have made dresses for Project Dress a Girl Around the World, in part thanks to the campaign launched by Mari...