Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giveaway Alert!!!

Steph of Three hours past the Edge of the World is having a great giveaway here. Go check it out!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thrift Store Monday

The thrifty Gods have shined upon me again. I always shop with an open mind when thrifting, because you never know what gem may present itself, but I keep a running list of things I am looking for and eventually I find that coveted item.  Last class we had an amazing pianist receiving a new dog. Every night we would be treated to the most wonderful music as he relaxed (and so did we). I said to our psychologist one night "I feel like someone should be bringing me a cocktail...sounds like we're in a piano bar!" She agreed! I have always wanted to play a musical instrument, but unfortunately I have never shown much talent for music and really not put forth the hard work to develop a talent (so basically it is my fault...I probably could do it if I set my mind to it) My daughter is a naturally gifted musician. She can play the flute like a bird (although she hasn't in a long time!). Her grandfather was a talented musician and music teacher, and her great Grandfather played with Doc Severinson and the Tonight show band (I know, some of you may be saying Who? What? Trust me...they were the tops!) Long convoluted story short...I had asked Paul about pianos and how to buy a good one, since I see them all day offered on Craigslist for free and I'm no piano expert, but I know enough to know that I probably wouldn't be bringing home quality! Plus Tom would probably really frown if I drug a piano home! Paul surprised me when he said that some of the electronic keyboards these days are a good option for someone (like me) and that the sound quality has greatly improved over the years. I filed that away and  figured if I found a good keyboard I would pick it up. Set out your desires to the universe and your wishes come true. I found a Yamaha PSS-570 keyboard at the Yellow House thrift store for the whopping price of $1.00! What??? A buck! There was no AC adapter with it, so it would need batteries, but smarty pants me had an AC adapter at home. Plugged it in and instant music!!! The cool thing for Tom is that I can plug in headphones and he doesn't have to listen to it! I went to the library to pick up some intructional material, and I have tons of music books for my guitar.  I glanced at the music for "Fields of Gold" and was able to pick it out pretty easily! On a side note, we have a new music store in town and I plan to take guitar lessons as well!  Here is my new Dolla keyboard...
You may notice some fabric piled next to my new excellent keyboard. I also scored some more fabric! The red is a silky poly that is destined to be a nice holiday blouse (or two). There is about 4 yards there! The black and houndstooth are both double knit...I'm thinking an homage to Mondo with Butterick 5554. I just bought it from BMV on their cyber Monday sale. I don't normally do BMV as I can get the patterns cheaper at JoAnn's on sale, but this was as good as JoAnn's with free shipping. I almost joined BMV as they were offering $9.99 yearly membership, but my savings on the 7 patterns I had in my basket was $1.60 and I seriously doubt I would order enough over the year to even recoup my 10 bucks, so I just paid my extra $1.60 and said thank you BMV! The grey is a slubby wool jersey which after washing I notice some holes...this fabric is old...Linda took me in the back room to go through some boxes of fabric someone donated and there were some pieces that were oddly familiar. I thought about it and that's when it dawned on me. They were boxes of remnants from clothes we made at Jantzen sportswear 30 years ago! I had some of the same fabric as they would let us take home scraps from the line cuttings. Sara had so many swimsuits as a baby, it was ridiculous! Anyway...that was a great trip down memory lane.  And then unthrift related joy...I had razor clams for lunch! Tom had several opportunities to eat the leftovers and since he didn't, they ended up on my lunch plate! Life is good! Now I think I'll go make a little music!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I should be Sleeping...

After working a double shift and doubling back on day shift I find myself exhausted. But yet I did three loads of laundry, cooked dinner for the guys at the firehouse, cleaned up said dinner when they caught a fire right in the middle of dinner, changed the sheets and a bunch of other chores. I wanted to be sewing and I will be sewing...only tomorrow. This chick has had it and is going to bed!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Looking ahead to Summer...

The headliners are set...
Colin Raye is also slated to play...Oregon Jamboree...how I love you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year. Like these folks...
And this guy...

And many more blessings including a warm house, enough food to keep me fat and sassy, good friends, a job I find interesting and fulfilling and the means to follow my creative passions. I'm also grateful for my blog friends because you inspire me daily. Happy holidays, thank you and God bless. May you always have enough...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Preparing for the Pendrell

As I mentioned before, I ordered my copy of Tasia's of Sewaholic Pendrell pattern the other day.  I had some fabric in the stash in mind for this pattern and unfortunately I could only lay my hands on one of the pieces this morning. I know the other piece is in the closet, but it looks like I'm due for a fabric reorganization, and that is NOT going to happen today! Here is my first choice to begin.  It is a poly with nice drape and sheen. It has a monochrome pansy pattern in the fabric and has these great random black stripes throughout. I can't remember where I got it...I think maybe from Marji when she was doing a fabric purge in preparation for her sailing adventure. Anywho, I think it will be perfect for this pattern and make a nice addition to my wardrobe...great with black pants or a skirt. Without further ado...here is the fabric!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Magically Delicious!

As I ate my Lucky Charms this morning (yes, I said Lucky Charms...don't judge!), I thought about how great it would be to share my Lucky Charms with a special little boy.
Doesn't that face say "Yes Gram, I would like some Lucky Charms please" or something like that? I remember getting special things at my Grandma's house that we never had at home. Like TV dinners. They were a rare treat at our house back in the 60's, but when I spent the night at Grandma's house we would go down to Konnerup's Grocery and I could pick out whatever TV dinner I wanted. I loved the shrimp...or the chicken...or even the turkey was good. Used to like pot pies too. Somehow they don't taste as good anymore! Sigh!
Some exciting sewing news to report! Tasia of Sewaholic is about to launch her first pattern, the Pendrell blouse. If you don't know about it, hop on over via the link and check it out. I ordered mine today and can't wait to try it. I already have a few cuts of fabric in mind for it.  I also ordered some zippers over at Sew True. I've talked about them before, but they have awesome customer service and they have great sales with free shipping. Check out their closeouts for great deals. I needed some zips for the Ottobre hoodie I plan to make, and I picked up some invisible zips for the stash at rock bottom prices in the closeouts.  The colors are limited, but I was able to find colors that will work with the fabrics I have waiting in the stash! Then on to embroidery...it's Happy Hour over at Embroidery Library which makes me happy! You need to make a purchase in the previous month to be included in this special sale, but that is not hard to do.  Urban Threads is having an awesome sale too, so I will be picking up a couple of things there as well. Check out the FSL skully snowflake! My friends will dig that on their holiday tree! I am getting so into the holiday spirit!
Jo report: Barky von Pom-Pom just had a skin infection that is easily treatable. He had a steroid injection and some antibiotics to take. His skin already looks so much better. He's rocking his R&R muscle T to keep him from licking the area (which is what got him into trouble in the first place!) He's not much into clothes, but the T is a far sight better than the cone of shame I threatened him with, so he is gladly wearing it. He may need his parka soon because they are predicting SNOW!!! Whoo-hoo! I have my snow tires on, so bring it on Snowman!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I've been Doing...

Alas! Time flies by and I forget to post! Dear Diary...oops! Flashback to the 70's! I have been busy doing other things besides posting on my blog...working (my boss is in Maui hopefully enjoying a much needed vacation), plotting and planning Christmas gifts for my friends at work, trying out new products (my new binding foot for my Evolve...Yay!) and some knitting and reading. Plus Jo has a rash that I hope to get seen by a vet today...waiting for the office to turn on the phone! I can't disclose any more about Christmas stuff because I know some of my work friends check out my blog...Hi work friends!!! I can tell you about my new Evolve binding foot however! I purchased a collarette style B binder from Debbie Cook's ebay source and it is great for knits, even though I need to practice more to be really proficient with it.  Woven bias however did not feed through the binder at all!  I really wanted the stock binder for the Evolve, but at $70+ dollars, I wasn't just going to drop into Montavilla and pick it up. Miraculously one showed up on ebay for $35.00! I waited and watched, and waited and watched til it was within an hour of ending. I didn't want to get in a bidding war with someone. Nobody else evidently wanted it so SOLD! I am the new proud owner of an Evolve binder foot at half the price! Sweet! As for the knitting...after the high of completing the circle vest in a timely manner, I pulled out an ombre yarn that I had started another sweater last year and didn't get far.  The yarn is not the greatest for crochet because it is hard to see the stitches to place the hook for the next row.  I could do it, but I think it is better suited for a simpler pattern than originally picked out.  I saw an infinity scarf done in a faux broomstick lace pattern in the current Crochet magazine, so I thought maybe the yarn would lend itself to doing an infinity scarf in broomstick lace.  Still had the same problem with stith placement on the single crochet, so enter plan B. I got out my size 18 knitting needles and am knitting the scarf. It has a nice lacy feel and I think I will just keep knitting til the yarn runs out or it is ridiculously long...whichever comes first! On my nightstand to read is Ann Rule's latest, In the Still of the Night. I love Ann Rule. I read her voraciously even before I met her at a correction's conference and loved her even more after having lunch with her. Anyone who can admit in front of a crowd that she fashioned her outfit from Value Village when complimented is a friend of mine. My boss just about died when I high fived Ann and said "Me too, Sister Friend!" Yeah, I can be crazy like that sometimes...er, okay, crazy like that most of the time! Well, time to call the vet's office, so TTFN!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Latest Finished Project

No sewing yesterday, but I did finish this crochet circle vest from September's issue of Crochet.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My new guilty pleasure...

I was bored one afternoon and started looking at costume jewelry on ebay. Who knew you could find such great vintage bargains for such paltry sums??? I bought a couple lots of vintage brooches...one lot of 14 for $1.99. Some of the pieces I remember seeing in my Mom's jewelry box, but hers are long gone.  I also got some necklaces and have a pair of thimble earrings on the way! This renewed interest in jewelry got me thinking I should reorganize my jewelry so that I could see what I have. I had fallen into a rut of wearing the same 2 necklaces and a couple different pairs of earrings. As you can see, I have  plenty of other options:
Here is a close up of the pins. I took a Thai silk pillow cover that a friend brought me back from Thailand years ago and made into a pin showcase:

As for sewing, I finished another Burda Style turtleneck out of a knit I picked up at the thrift store a couple weeks ago. I purchased a binder for my Evolve and have been practicing with that. God bless Debbie Cook and her tutorials! She is a wealth of information on using binders and other coverstitch accessories. Back to work tomorrow...Whoo-hoo!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Raining on Sunday

Seemed like an appropriate title on so many levels. It is actually raining on Sunday and I have been listening to a lot of Radney Foster lately. Radney Foster? You are unfamiliar with Radney Foster? He is a very successful country songwriter who does put out records of his own tunes and Raining on Sunday is one of them (think Keith Urban). He also wrote Keith's more recent hit "I'm In". I got turned on to Radney when a friend sent us a video of Angel Flight with Darius Rucker Watch this video...I'm sure you will be touched too. I had to find this song and found out that proceeds from the sale of the “Angel Flight” single benefit the Texas National Guard Family Support Foundation, which aids military families in crisis. Now on to the sewing portion of this post. I apologize for the delay in promised pictures. This would have went up last night had I not had to take Tom to Urgent Care. He slipped at work and hit the back of his head requiring stitches. That's another big long story, but all's well that ends well and he returned to work after the ordeal, proving once again that my fireman is tough! Now as previously alluded to...the goods...

This is the Ottobre sweater. The hems look wavy and wonky in the pictures, but they really are not that bad. A good pressing took care of that.

The BS turtleneck...very comfortable and good basic.
And now for some Christmas gift pictures...don't look kids!!!

Daddy and me coordinating shirts! What fun! Gun design purchased at Embroidery Library Text done by me through Embird Font Engine. I love EL and that reminds me...they're having a sale this weekend...oops, gotta go...wink, wink!! Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Sorry for the lack of pictures my friends...don't mean to tease! many times I sneak a moment here or there to blog on my netbook when I have the chance and I don't have the camera with the picture with me. I have taken pictures of both tops on Valentine and have wore them both, so they are in the wash now! The Ottobre is made of a tissue knit and is very sheer. It looked great under a tunic cardigan, but I don't think it can go it alone. The Burdastyle turtleneck is awesome! I cut another one out on my break last night and hope tohave it stitched up before the weekend is through. I work weekends, so that cuts into quality sewing time!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm a Joiner

Yes. When I see a good idea I like to jump on the bandwagon and participate. I especially like the things that don't have a concrete deadline, because I hate feeling pressured.  Like the Hepburn/Hepburn project. Nobody is telling me that my Hepburn inspired wardrobe must be done by December 1st (or insert any arbitrary date of your choosing). It's all go at your own pace. Or the Never Too Many White Shirt project that Barb just started. No rules. Well, maybe one...your shirt should be white, but that's a detail I can live with. I had been thinking my wardrobe needed some more white shirts. Plus it dovetails nicely with the Hepburn/Hepburn project.  What I have accomplished so far...drumroll please....
I have finished 2 buttondown shirts, one with short sleeves and one with long that will work nicely in my Hepburn/Hepburn project. One is plaid and the other is a great stripe, so does not apply for a white shirt.  I have almost finished a white turtleneck ala BurdaStyle 9/2010 sans coverstitch hems
This top whipped up super easy and I see it as a TNT turtleneck staple in my closet. I have a Missoni knit that I intend to make into another soon.  Cut out and ready for construction is Ottobre design Nora in a nice white thin bamboo knit, without the rosettes. This is my first Ottobre, but I think I am going to enjoy working with their designs. My husband commented that the models are real people, which is a big plus in my books. I have pulled all my white fabric out of the fabric cave and will be doing some wovens, in case you were worried that I am a one knit wonder!  As for the rest of my Hepburn/Hepburn plan, I have some trousers on the horizon as well because woman cannot wear a white shirt alone!

Project Dress a Girl

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