Thursday, June 23, 2011

Simply Irresistible

Title has nothing to do with post...sorry! Listened to Robert Palmer on the way to work today. That makes me happy! It's been a busy time since I last posted. I have some pictures for you on my camera, which is currently charging for our return to LaPine. The shop is mid construction and we have been trying to leave Gordon alone and let him work his magic. The trusses were scheduled to go up yesterday and we are heading East to work on the property this afternoon. We also have a day (or two) trip to Diamond Lake to hook up with my Father-in-Law et al for some fun and fishing. Since that trip was loosely planned, I suggested we head to Diamond Lake first, as Gordon is staying in our trailer through Friday while he works on the shop. We are going to tent it, which Tom is not too wild about, but I don't mind. I kind of like sleeping in a tent on an air mattress once in awhile...weird, I know! Tom was all in for that, but at the last minute decided he's rather go see his shop first. Guess I can't blame him...if it were my sewing studio I'd be in a rush to see it too! Personal sewing has been sidelined for paying jobs, gardening and work. I was sick for a couple days, which is a rarity. I hate being sick! While we are on a break from students, I have been really busy teaching CPR and First Aid to staff and volunteers. I like teaching and I like the new Training Center I'm associated with. The garden is finally starting to yield. I pulled the plastic off last week and did a thorough weeding. We have ate spinach, made salad with ingredients totally from the garden except for the tomatoes. We need some serious sun to bring on the tomatoes. Juneuary is pretty much a bust for the sunshine, so hopefully July will come on with some rays to tease my tomatoes into production. I have a picking of bright light chard and the radishes are abundant. I will need to plant the second generation soon! The onions are insane and I have a few volunteer potatoes in that bed. Whoops! must of missed a few last fall when I was harvesting! Anyway, lots to do before we head back over the mountain...catch you on the flip side!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Musings

It's almost the end of the week and I have a couple minutes before chaos begins, so a quick blog post it is! Things I love about this week...I have spent some quality time in the studio. Most of it was due to embroidery orders, but while I stitched out that beautiful massive tiger that took 218 minutes (twice because I wanted to get placement and color right before I put it on the customer's sweatshirt), I worked on a new shirtdress for me out of a nice striped stretch twill. The pattern is an OOP NewLook, but early fitting signs look good. The basic dress shell is put together...all that is left is the collar, facings and finish work.  I was dismayed when putting the sleeves on to find a small flaw in the fabric that I did not see when cutting it out. Of course it was one of those garments where there was just enough to get it cut out with minimal scraps left over, so I was resigned to the fact that I would have to just work with it. Once the sleeves were on though, I discovered they hang much lower that the picture on the envelope, and once I cut them to where I would like them, the flaw should be on the backside of the hem, which is much more acceptable to me! Whoosh! Dodged that bullet! I have another casual knit summer dress cut out too and I may get to it this afternoon/evening if all goes well with the shirtdress. Embroidery orders abound, so while my BMP6 gently hums (or violentlyshakes...I cranked it up to 1000 rpms for the tiger), I will work on my summer wardrobe!
In unrelated news, I have decided that since I have a massive CD collection that I don't utilize to it's full potential, weekly I would put together a new collection to listen to in the SUV. This weeks collection includes, Kenny Loggins, Robert Palmer, Aretha Franklin, Vertical Horizon, Celine Dion, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton and Styx. One of the students was trying to find a good radio station to work out to, but not having much success. I offered to run out to the car to get my CDs. Apparently she is a huge Styx fan and had met Tommy Shaw. Who knew??? Anyway...time to make the doughnuts...Later Chicas!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Shiny & New...

When Tom and I set out to do something, we don't mess is our new car:
Inside view:

For Sara: What we like to call "Hey, we can see Colt in the backseat while we're traveling" mirror!

Current carseat in the back for Jo:

The good news is that our insurance only went up $17.00 every six months on a vehicle 10 years newer! Sweet!  Gotta go drop it off so they can put the clear coat bra on it..TTFN!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Not sew much. :( I did get 3 pattern tissues cut out, ready for muslining and fashion fabric cutting, but no time to actually sew. For me anyway. I did design and stitch out two samples for a client this morning. I have done shirts and hats for her event before and they want me to do shirts for their 10th annual. And koozies. I made a face when Tom said they wanted Koozies. Didn't want to do them! Then I sucked it up and researched the best place to get koozie blanks and did up the estimate. Yeah, I bark alot, but I rarely bite! But seriously, if I don't get to sew something for my wardrobe soon, I'm gonna explode! That is all. Over and Out!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Days go by...

And I don't take the time to post (doesn't mean I don't love you, dear blog!) I sit here with a purring cat on my lap and a barking pom that I should get up and silence (for the umpteenth time!). Why are little dogs so chatty? Oh well, he's a work in progress! No sewing yet, but a whole lot of knitting! Finished another pair of socks that were supposed to be for Tom, but I  need to tweak the pattern a bit to get that perfect fit that we all strive for. Why else knit socks if they are going to fit like store bought? Portable projects are important with traveling over to LaPine to work on the property. The slab is done and we are ready to start building! Having our own water source is a dream and of course, who needs an alarm clock when you have a friendly neighborhood rooster who will come to your front door to crow?
Talk about a wild hairdo! We call him Popeye. Here is Tom cleaning off the slab after the concrete was cut...Jo's helping:

Kodi approves of the LaPine homestead.  He also went into stealth mode and enjoyed some Popeye tailfeathers. Who knew the old boy still had game???
Well, I better get in gear and get something done before I head to work this afternoon. Tom hopes to do yardwork this morning, but the rain is still coming down...I hope to work in the sewing be continued...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I feel a burst of sewing coming on...

Not that I have the time for it, but nice Mr. Postman brought me an envelope of nice new patterns and while Tom was at an e-board meeting this morning I snagged a mother load of fabric at the thrift store for a song...I am raring to go! There is the pesky detail about the tops I promised to make for the dorm gals and Tom gave me notice that I have another embroidery job...sigh! There were several ITY knit prints in the bag that I can't wait to cut into. Work for 2 more days and a quick trip to LaPine on our weekend...guess I'll just have to keep knitting socks til I can get some quality time on the cutting table...double sigh!!! I will try to get some pictures of the fabric soon, because quite frankly I've been a little bit lazy in the photo be continued...

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