Friday, July 30, 2010

Not MIA...Just Busy

I have been a dreadfully unfaithful blogger of late...mostly because I hate to leave a boring blog without pictures, but I am doing it anyway.  I have been working, sewing, cooking, packing and getting ready for the Oregon Jamboree and our upcoming trip to England.  I promise I will have lots of pictures to share next week. Now I'm off to get my country on! Have a great weekend...see you on the other side!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Sewing

We interrupt selfish gratifying sewing for myself for deeply gratifying sewing for our soon to be born grandson!  I did quite a bit when we first learned that he was on the way, and then a little maternity clothes sewing while Sara was visiting, and then the sewing jobs (my least favorite sewing), but I had slipped back into working on my wardrobe.  I asked Sara what she still needed and the call came out for sheets, boppy covers and swaddlers.  Dear sweet Pop took Grandma to Fabric Depot and said "buy whatever you want Dear".  Most days he would be pretty safe because I can be frugal, but not where my kids are concerned!  He returned after his errand and helped me pick out some darling fabrics.  The nursery theme is woodsy animals, so we looked for things along that line.  Tom found the perfect cotton print in a blue colorway...I know it will make both Mom and Dad smile! I have 8 sheets done and 6 boppy covers cut out.  I also need to make some Pee-Pee Tee-Pees and some burpees to match the boppy covers.  Fun...Fun...Fun!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Pics...sorry

No sewing today, but I did spend some time cleaning the sewing studio and organizing my Burda, oh hell, I'm just going to continue to call them BWOF magazines.  I have plans to do a strapless dress from a strapless top pattern from July 2009. We booked our flights to England in the Fall...can't wait to go. I spent the afternoon powerwashing the patio and helping DH move boulders with the tractor.  He taught me how to use it and work the out now...I can do a lot of damage with a tractor!  After he taught me how to ride the quad I would get it out with the little trailer and use it for yard work...that's what it's for, isn't it?  Anywho...another day off tomorrow and DH has duty so a little weeding, a little sewing...dinner is day is set!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wearing What I Make...

Do you ever make something that you really like and then never wear it? I made this jacket and skirt combo a couple years ago with a gray linen blend I bought from Fabric Mart. And then I promptly hung it in the closet. The jacket is Butterick 5223 and the skirt my first Patrones. The shell is Simplicity 2599 made with a poly satin print from The shell got worn a couple times and the jacket maybe 2 or three times, but the poor love. Now that I've worn it, I don't know why I waited so long! It was a very comfortable outfit to wear all day at work and with minimal wrinkling. The factory continues to crank out garments. I finished Burda Fashion 7/2010 #113 out of the brown tie dye jersey last night and although it is not something I could wear to work, it will be perfect for those hot August nights. I'm gearing up for Self Stitched September. I may not be able to post pictures everyday, but I think I have enough me made garments to carry me through the month. How about you?
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!!!

Summer has finally made it to the PNW and boy, are we happy! No complaining about the heat here! Of course I have many options for AC...central air at home, work, library, movie theater, car has AC.  But once in awhile it is just good to feel the heat for awhile (and then go inside) Yesterday we beat the heat at the theater watching "Eclipse".  I think it's the best Twilight movie ever, but I must watch the others again to be sure! My first day off I had to take my Honda in for an airbag recall fix, so Tom and I messed around in town til that was done. It turned out to be and "all about me" morning.  I got a nice purple long sleeve T at Dick's Sporting goods for a bargain price.  Then we stopped at JoAnns and Tom found some simply delicious tie-dyed jersey that was 60% off.  I was going to leave without fabric til he found those, so I bought both! One is in a brown colorway and the other grays.  The patterns are both different so what I make won't look like uniforms of every color! I already almost have the brown one done as BurdaStyle 7/2010 #113 and I think the gray will be done in a shirred bodice sundress, maybe with a braided halter style neck or maybe I will incorporate some beads...we'll see.  these will be perfect for the Jamboree, which is coming up in a couple weeks! Blake Shelton...Keith Urban...Travis Tritt...oh yeah, Miranda Lambert too...Tom has to have some fun too! After that we drove into P-town and picked up a trunk rack for our bikes at ReRack, a green store for recycled bike equipment (plus they carry new stuff too) So I am going for a bike ride this morning...soon as I get off the computer...and maybe mow the back yard...and eat something...better get at it before the temperature rises! Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Missed It!

I was perusing Craigslist on my break and found a Singer Featherweight with the buttonholer in good condition for $50.00! It had been listed for only a few hours, but I knew it would be gone before I could get there tomorrow.  When I called she said it had just left...sigh! Guess that one was not meant to be mine...thank goodness I have Kenny!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bitter Betty's Having a Giveaway!

Check it out...Betty's a lot of fun!!!

Fun in the Sun

Happy Independence Day and thank you to our military servicemen and women who keep us safe! Although it is a holiday, today is my first day back at work.  No will be time and a half so I can suck it up and help our incoming students celebrate!  Yesterday I finished a skirt I had begun before vacation.  I picked up a bolt of a nice plaid in a turquoise, brown and green colorway at a garage sale over in LaPine for fifty cents.  I didn't put a tape to it when I prewashed it, but there must have been 5 or 6 yards.  Well worth the price, even if I just used it to muslin. Fishing was a bust...only one rainbow trout caught by Tom.  We did try out a new lake to us (East Lake), which is where Tom caught the rainbow.  We fished hard on Crane Prairie one day until the wind blew us off.  It felt like we were on the bay and should be dropping crab pots!!!  Here are some pictures from the week:

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