Friday, December 12, 2008


I've been gone from the blog (but hopefully not forgotten!!!) doing domestic things, Doctors appointments and crafty projects for others. My hunny started me off by deep cleaning the family room...I hate to get started on a deep clean because it brings out the OCD in me and then I feel like I must deep clean EVERYTHING. And I don't like to stop when I'm in that mode. The kitchen is almost done...a few more cabinets to wipe down and then a good scrub of the floor, wash the rugs...see what I mean? I can't stop once I get started! In other random tidbits...we like to watch syndicated TV in the afternoons (while cleaning, or whatever) Love Law & Order (miss Jerry Orbach) and JAG used to be a favorite, but is not running currently. Our current addiction is NCIS. We started watching the show in the beginning, which started the last year JAG was on. Currently it is on 3 hours a day in the afternoon. I love it...a guilty pleasure to be sure. My hunny loves it too. How do I know that we are watching too much NCIS? When I say something obvious and the reply I get back is "Ya think, Dinozzo?" Good times!

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Kat said...

I have cleaning OCD (in my dreams ;) ). Today, however, the high is going to be around 56, so we are going to put the snow blade on our lawn tractor. We were spared this past weekend. 2 degrees colder and the torrential rain we got would have been at least 2 feet of snow without having the tractor blade on. Yikes! Maybe make a new side door on our detached garage for the one a bear ripped half off a while back, then seal up some siding that some squirrels ripped off.

When housework rains, it pours... I really hate when it keeps me from sewing.