Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PostCards from the Edge

Shameless rip off of a title...I apologize.  I have been radio silent, but I have been busy. Back from our little mini vacay, I worked mad shifts, had laser eye surgery and managed to do quite a bit of sewing on yet to be disclosed items...okay, everyone hates a vague blogger...it's baby items. I do have a shirt started on Valentine and will resume work on it soon, but my sewing time has been in bits and pieces and baby items fit that bill.  I have been watching Food Network too. Alot. I have been inspired to cook some new things. Last night I made a new recipe called grilled chicken with sesame noodles that was fantabulous!!! I ate way too much and had to drink a gallon of water to counteract all the sodium in the sauce, but it was yummy! Definitely going in the rotation.  Next up is Philly cheesesteak sandwiches that I'm making for the firehouse tomorrow.  Sure to be another hit!  Anything with cheese and steak in it has to be good...and carmelized onions...yum!  At this rate, I will need to sew a whole new wardrobe for my new (larger) body! Tomorrow I plan to do 10 miles, so that should balance out the intake. Only the scale knows...

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