Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warp Speed

Just a quick update.  This blog is a diary of sorts (really???  couldn't tell...sorry, I love a little sarcasm in the morning!) Important sewing project finished yesterday...more later.  Working the P90X fitness program...did plyometrics and stretching last night! Totally kicked my butt, however I feel stronger today and am excited to be doing something physical and healthy with my Hunny.  I didn't feel sore today like last time I worked out. Probably the soak in the hot tub before bed had something to do with that! Have another super secret sewing project to start tomorrow...sorry to be so cryptic, but all will be revealed soon...with pictures! 11 days til the marathon...whoo-hoo.  Just praying that the Iceland volcano settles down enough for Sara to make it out of the UK...tomorrow brings a little work, a little doctor visit, a little play...life is fun at warp speed!


Donna said...

Hi Mary, I'm sorry you broke your tooth! How in the world? Wow..but I can relate to your having a hard time getting started sewing. I had to play a movie because I'm on such a boring sewing task that I just can hardly bear to do it. It's sewing couch cushion covers. Blech! How do you spell that?

Anyway, it means yukky. Tonight, for fun I tried out making a purse from blue jeans. I'm going to add yo-yo flowers to it for some pizazz!

Looking forward to seeing your super secret sewing project!

Maryissewfast said...

Donna...I'll let out a little secret...it's baby stuff for my daughter and her bestie friend...she knows I'm sewing baby stuff, but I think she will be surprised? lol!!!

Julia said...

I understand the super speed thing. It seems that that's how my life has been lately. I sure hope your daughter can get home!!!!