Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back to the sweat shop

Just a quick blog break before I head back to the sweat shop! I finished the tarp project for the Fire Department yesterday. That sucked! I really need an industrial machine for those kind of projects, but truly can't justify the expense and it would just invite more of those jobs and who wants that! Not me! I do have the name tag job for them to do, but that is more up my alley...machine embroidery, serged rolled edges and sew on to velcro. Hopefully I can knock out the the embroidery today and the roll of hook tape will come. Then regularly scheduled sewing can resume! I need to cut out my Pendrell for the sewalong. I already have made a few, so I know the pattern fit is great, but the group is getting ready to cut so it's time to jump in. Well, better get at it...time's a-wastin'!!!

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