Friday, January 28, 2011

Date Night Done Right

Actually date night yesterday was in the afternoon, but that didn't rhyme so I took poetic license! Bah! Anywho, Tom and I have been taking time to do stuff together lately, which has been truly refreshing. Whether it be errands out and then stopping for a nice meal, or yesterday's venture to a matinee, it really helps a relationship to have fun together. Yesterday we went to see True Grit before it leaves the theater. What a great movie! Of course I had seen the original with John Wayne, and although it's tough to compete with the Duke, it had been long enough since the original viewing that I was able to objectively watch the movie and not compare. I think Jeff Bridges did an outstanding performance as Rooster Cogburn. I hope he wins the Oscar. I had wanted to see Country Strong until I read a review that spoiled the ending! DipWad!!! Why do people do that? When I complained to Tom about it, he said "Don't look at the reviews for True Grit...don't want the ending to get spoiled for you!" Funny guy! I said, "I know how it ends!!!"  In sewing news, I finished the 2 Jalie cardis and all of the paying jobs.  The cushion repair had to be rethought because the zipper was toast and I am not putting a 10 foot zipper in.  I will however work with what is there to modify the closure for my friend. This bench cushion is made of heavy duty canvas and the zipper was the cheapest nylon zipper known to man! It had me scratching my head!!! I have my Pendrell blouse cut out for the sew along and will probably whip it up tomorrow. I knew I couldn't sew it slow, but then I rarely sew slow!!! Now to figure out what to sew next!


gMarie said...

I love date time. It's very important. Although we never go to the movies because I refuse to $15 to nap!!

I'm hoping to make a few skirts this weekend and possibly a couple tees and maybe a turtleneck to wear with them. Sounds big, doesn't it? g

Sewfast said...

I know Gaylen...the prices are ridiculous! I got a safety award at work...2 movie tickets and a $10.00 gift card for concessions...still had to add some money for the popcorn, but it was much less than it would have been. Tom's on duty tonight, so I hope to get some quality sewing time in after dinner.