Monday, January 3, 2011

Unofficially Joining In...

It may be fear of commitment...I don't know. Maybe it's all the great idea bandwagons that I have jumped on enthusiastically, just to fizzle out a few months down the road.  I love the idea of 12 months/12 jackets. I'm just afraid that if I declare my intentions, the desire will leave. I have been on a jacket frenzy lately. The cardiwrap sews up so fast, I want to make more things like that (and will). I don't want to feel like a total failure if I don't keep my resolve, so I shall unofficially follow along, so no judging if in a couple of months I am in a crazy dressmaking mode! There is a lot of inspiration out there though. Did you catch Heather's Anthro knockoff Tute over at Featherty Sews? Go check it out...I think it's a great idea and I hope to knock one out soon. I may get a couple of wrap type garments done this month and be good until, like April!

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