Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Checking In...

As my weekend draws to a close, a little check in is in order. It's been a great weekend. I got a lot of cleaning and organizing chores done, as well as traction on several projects! I picked up the makings of a quilt for our bed at the thrift store on Tuesday. Arlea said "you sew" and took me in the back room to ask my opinion on some squares and sashing that someone had dropped off. It was wildlife prints in blues and browns. I asked "how much do you want for it" and for $5.00 it became mine! I trued up all the pieces and it should be an easy quilt top to put together. I finished a maxi the other day and altered the pattern for a better fit...the next iteration is cut out as well as another tunic. My plan was to sew today, but my sweetie and I watched a movie (Argo) and I worked on my current pair of sock on the needles. Made a super brown sugar garlic glazed chicken for dinner tonight (thank you Pinterest) and now I am relaxing with my boys considering the work week ahead. Love the weekend!

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