Friday, February 19, 2010

The $1.00 Duvet or What I did While Watching old Movies

The duvet is done! Thank you Annie for putting the idea in my head, and praises be to the one who allowed me time to put this thing together. And my friends that made the blocks. You guys all rock!!! In spite of a few missteps along the way ( I really hate when I pull something off the embroidery machine and realize the hoop has been sewn to it! Twice!), this project went together quite nicely and I think my Hunny will approve when he gets home tomorrow! Here is a close up of the snowflake quilting motif I embroidered in the center of each block.  The base of this duvet was a king sized sheet that wrapped around the sides, sewn to the patchwork centerpiece.  Now I can move on to the other hundred projects I have on tap!  I mentioned old's no secret around here that I like old movies.  I collect them.  Yesterday I watched "Rudy" (Go Irish!), "The Jazz Singer" (or who knew Neil Diamond was such a hottie?) and "To Kill a Mockingbird" (What more can I say?).  I had some finish work to do on the duvet today, so I watched Neil Simon's "The Goodbye Girl" (I really like Richard Dreyfus) and one of my all time favs "An Affair to Remember" with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.  I love her fashion in this movie.  I adore this dress and I apologize for not having a better picture, but the bodice is woven chiffon and the orange forms this amazing cowl back. 
You should watch the movie just to see the clothes. Well, now that I've completed something, I better get at my house chores...tomorrow is back to work and it's a double! Wahoo!!!


Maiden Jane said...

Wow, that is amazing! I'm glad you got to watch such a fine selection of movies - esp. Rudy!

ACorgiHouse said...

I've been thinking of doing some bedcoverings myself! AATR is one of my fav movies, I like to watch it back to back with Sleepless in Seattle. Great sewing movies. Good job on the duvet, love it.

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Congratulations on finishing! That was quite a project.