Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh No!

Apologies in advance for that awful title! Probably why I am a nurse and not a journalist.  I was very excited that Apolo Ohno made it into the 500 finals. His chances were excellent to medal in that event until the unfortunate incident. There was a spin out and he was disqualified for a push off that resulted in another skater going down. I made my dear husband leave the TV on for the race (normally I am asleep before he is) and I felt bad that I kept him awake for such a disappointment. Oh well, I'm sure Apolo feels worse than I do! I did accomplish some sewing amid other projects yesterday.  I got up bright and early to varnish hardwoods for the stairs.  Tom will most likely start laying them next week (Yay!) The all we will have left to replace is some carpet upstairs in 2 bedrooms. That feels good.  I finished 2 minky baby blankets and a burpee yesterday before lunch.  After lunch we went into Portland to see some good friends who are here for a wrestling tournament.  Their youngest daughter made it to the state finals, and although she didn't place, she did pin one guy and really gave it her all.  She is only a freshman, so I'm sure we'll see Lizzy here again next year.  Tonight is the fireman's banquet, so I need to decide which dress I will wear.  I have a couple that I have made and not worn, so I do have options.  The rest of the week is dedicated to work. We have a new class coming in and I have a couple doubles on the horizon.  Hope to sew more later.  Thanks to all the well-wishers who commented about my daughter's pregnancy.  We are all pretty excited!!!

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