Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Chief!

Today is the Chief's birthday.  She turned 1 today. I'm not sure what that is in kitty years.  Does anyone have the formula??? Here she is claiming the crockpot carrier as her new bed. She thinks it's just perfect. We had a slap contest after this photo to get her out of it!!! I won because I'm the human! I finished one of the burpies before work.  Made from a new (unused) diaper, it will be very absorbent and able to handle any yak that may spew!!! Get ready for mega maternity and baby sewing!  Design purchased from Embroidery Library.


julia said...

We're going to celebrate our cat, Vanilla's birthday this week. She'll be 19!
That burp cloth is adorable!

laura said...

I love the look on the Chief's face! My Chlorox is around 14 and she thinks every empty 'non cat' space is hers!

Donna said...

Mary that is a great burpee! I just had my dear little granddaughter, Lena, over tonight with her mom and dad of course. So much fun!

I love your cat and your bird. I have to hang all my fabric up so our three cats won't sit on it all.

It's so irritating! (And deadly when working with satin!)

PS. You're my'Featured Follower' today!

Sewfast said...

Thanks Donna! I don't think I've ever been a featured anything before!!! :)

Donna said...

Hi Mary, You are still featured today, because I don't have time to switch. :o)

By the way, can you email me privately and tell me how you do all of those patterns and photos of you in clothes in the sidebar?

(PS when you have time of course-Ha!)