Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!!!

Summer has finally made it to the PNW and boy, are we happy! No complaining about the heat here! Of course I have many options for AC...central air at home, work, library, movie theater, car has AC.  But once in awhile it is just good to feel the heat for awhile (and then go inside) Yesterday we beat the heat at the theater watching "Eclipse".  I think it's the best Twilight movie ever, but I must watch the others again to be sure! My first day off I had to take my Honda in for an airbag recall fix, so Tom and I messed around in town til that was done. It turned out to be and "all about me" morning.  I got a nice purple long sleeve T at Dick's Sporting goods for a bargain price.  Then we stopped at JoAnns and Tom found some simply delicious tie-dyed jersey that was 60% off.  I was going to leave without fabric til he found those, so I bought both! One is in a brown colorway and the other grays.  The patterns are both different so what I make won't look like uniforms of every color! I already almost have the brown one done as BurdaStyle 7/2010 #113 and I think the gray will be done in a shirred bodice sundress, maybe with a braided halter style neck or maybe I will incorporate some beads...we'll see.  these will be perfect for the Jamboree, which is coming up in a couple weeks! Blake Shelton...Keith Urban...Travis Tritt...oh yeah, Miranda Lambert too...Tom has to have some fun too! After that we drove into P-town and picked up a trunk rack for our bikes at ReRack, a green store for recycled bike equipment (plus they carry new stuff too) So I am going for a bike ride this morning...soon as I get off the computer...and maybe mow the back yard...and eat something...better get at it before the temperature rises! Have a great weekend!

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