Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Sewing

We interrupt selfish gratifying sewing for myself for deeply gratifying sewing for our soon to be born grandson!  I did quite a bit when we first learned that he was on the way, and then a little maternity clothes sewing while Sara was visiting, and then the sewing jobs (my least favorite sewing), but I had slipped back into working on my wardrobe.  I asked Sara what she still needed and the call came out for sheets, boppy covers and swaddlers.  Dear sweet Pop took Grandma to Fabric Depot and said "buy whatever you want Dear".  Most days he would be pretty safe because I can be frugal, but not where my kids are concerned!  He returned after his errand and helped me pick out some darling fabrics.  The nursery theme is woodsy animals, so we looked for things along that line.  Tom found the perfect cotton print in a blue colorway...I know it will make both Mom and Dad smile! I have 8 sheets done and 6 boppy covers cut out.  I also need to make some Pee-Pee Tee-Pees and some burpees to match the boppy covers.  Fun...Fun...Fun!


Michelle said...

Fabric Depot is dangerous! If I lived in Portland, I would be broke broke broke!! It sounds like your grandson will have a fantastic nursery!

Maryissewfast said...

Yes! Fabric Depot IS dangerous! The 35% off everything sale is going on this weekend. They always precede that with 25% off the week before. It's worth 10% not to fight the crowds!!! The Mill End store on McGloughlin is dangerous too! Hmmm, maybe Tom has errands in that part of town! LOL!

Julia said...

Baby sewing is the most gratifying when you are a grandmom! Our 6th is coming soon!