Monday, June 22, 2009

R & R

Three glorious days off together and a great place to go!!! We are heading out in the morning when Tom gets home from work to LaPine. Unfortunately the boat won't be ready for this trip, but Papa Jim is available to go fishing so we'll go in his boat and hopefully catch mad Kokanee! (note to self...pack the brown sugar!!!) The Brother is still in the shop and I think I will take my Evolve in for service when I go to pick it up...might as well consolidate my trips into the big city and be green about it! I cut out a couple of Jalie knit tops yesterday...I am morphing them from the Sweetheart top...Pics to follow when they are done. I am very backed up on pictures and pattern's more fun to sew than take pictures!!! Toodles! See you Kittens on Friday!

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BConky said...

Sounds relaxing. Have fun.