Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leap into February!

Where has January gone? I don't know, but we are on the verge of February and it's a leap year! Did you know? I didn't realize it either until Sara was telling me about a friend who is expecting and her predicted due date is February 29th. I have a cousin who was born on that day. Not sure how I would feel about that...young perhaps??? We had to take the BMP6 in for service. Since the Gold standard warranty has expired, this service is on my dime. The sales clerk quoted me $239.00 with an apologetic face. Do you know how much this sucker cost? You think that amount is going to scare me??? Hard to believe I have had it for almost 6 years! I got it right after Tom bought his new truck (see how that works??? LOL!!!) We hustled out of Montavilla before I could go check out the Enterprise. Probably a good thing.  Anything named after a Star Trek space ship has to be expensive! I have been keeping myself busy in the interim with little sewing jobs and knitting. The resources for learning are amazing online and I am happily learning new knitting techniques. I'm a cable Queen now and have designs on lace. I just started the Shalom cardigan (pattern courtesy of Ravelry) and it is going super fast! Working straight day shift at work has been interesting...didn't realize how my body had gotten into an evening routine, but it's okay. Except for the part when the dogs get me up at 4:45 on my days off! That kinda sucks! But the good news is more knitting time! Speaking of dogs...Sam is fitting in beautifully. He is gaining confidence and has found his voice. He still is a little skiddish at times around that man that comes and goes, yet he warms up really quick and sits with Tom in the recliner. They'll figure it out. Well, guess I'd best scoot up to the studio and knock out those paying jobs and see what the rest of the day might bring. Here's a picture my childhood friend sent me yesterday...just to leave you with something to look at...who is that girl????

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Marjie said...

Well, she looks happy, whoever she is!

Congrats on the knitting. I'm not going to try to learn. I don't need still more UFOs around, nor more excuses for buying supplies.