Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just a drive by...

Wow, blogging has definitely taken a backseat lately in this game called LIFE! I'm happy to report the Mojo is rising and there shall be personal sewing going on. I'm down to a couple of paying jobs and one is waiting for the fabric to come, so Mama needs a new Spring wardrobe. I really love to make dresses, but separates, i.e. tops and pants are really a more practical choice for my lifestyle. Since we exercise every morning before beginning work (a benefit in my opinion), wearing a dress might make it a little challenging. I pulled 4 fabrics and patterns last night and will most likely have a cutting session tonight. I may even take my gear down to the fire station and cut there on the big long tables. Tom is on a 48, so that way I can spend some time with him (barring any emergencies of course) after dinner. Dinner, ugh! Looking for inspiration there. I received Ree Drummond's new cookbook for my birthday recently. I made the roasted cauliflower last night...wonder what the Pioneer Woman would recommend for tonight? Guess I better get myself in gear to get through this day...I'll worry about dinner later!


gMarie said...

Totally missed this yesterday. So where are you working out before work? Why would a dress hinder that? I'm on a dress kick too.

Dinner - JB had gum surgery on Friday and we are on soft foods only. So Friday we had brocolli cheese soup, last night cheese ravioli, and tonight split pea. Not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow - maybe butternut squash soup.

Also - he's got school in Portland sometime - you guys up for a get together? g

Marjie said...

Hooray for long tables. My dining room table is 12 feet long, and I just leave the table pad on it so I don't scratch it with the pins and scissors when I cut on it. Enjoy your personal sewing; I think we all need that sometimes.