Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We bought a Zoo!

I wanted to title this post "We bought a House", but sadly we were outbid on our dream house. Hence I thought buying a zoo might be fun! Since the Pippa dress. my plan to sew some quick and easy knits has been a bust. The Evolve is really rebelling against the ITY knit and I need to work with that, but first I have to tend to the last minute rush embroidery job that dropped on me yesterday. Originally we spoke about this project a month ago. It was a little unusual (which I guess is my usual) and required some advance digitizing, so I said send me the PDF right away so I can get going on it. Nothing happened, so I figured he moved on to another idea (his usual). Oh no! He pulled the "Can I get it by Thursday?" On Tuesday? I said "There's no way in Hell" and came home and started digitizing. I may or may not have it done this afternoon. Depends on how much I hang out in blogland...LOL!!! Okay, break over...back to digitizing!

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gMarie said...

Oh - sorry to hear that. I hate how competative real estate is these days. Something will come along, although I know this was your dream house. g