Sunday, August 18, 2013


Wow! I just looked at my stats and realized I have not posted anything since June! Crazy summer! Actually, I do understand why I have not been able to squeeze in any quality blog time. Big things have been happening in the casa de Deeter! We are putting the finishing touches on the La Pine home. Good thing, because I am going to be living there starting next week! I said goodbye to my old job last Monday and I start my new job a week from this Monday. Tom will officially retire come September, although he will continue to work for awhile. We put the house over here on the market last week and have a good offer pending! I have been steadily packing and taking loads across the mountain (sniff, fabric is all in boxes and no quality sewing time in sight!). My garden is probably the best it has ever been, so I have been canning as much as I can. The new owners are going to get a nice housewarming gift in the form of goodies from my garden! I harvested the peach tree yesterday and spent most of the day in the kitchen making dilly beans, pickled beets, canning green beans and peaches. Today is all about the packing. Also listed a bunch of stuff on Craigslist and all of the free stuff is gone. A ratty old porch swing was the big winner...I had half a dozen calls for that! Who knew it would be so popular? I also managed to get rid of two old TVs that aren't going with us...score!!! We currently have no internet or sattelite in La Pine, so I probably will go dark again soon, but hopefully sewing will commence in the near future and I will have something to share. Hopefully before the snow flies! And since posts are boring without pictures, take a look at my little man...he got his first big boy haircut!
Pop approved and melt's Gram's heart!


Debbie Cook said...

Wow - lots of big changes! Good luck and hope to see you on the "other side" soon!

gMarie said...

Oh so excited for you! Lots of big things (good things) happening. I do hope you continue taking photos and can post at lunch time if nothing else! g