Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow Day

This week we got an impressive snow dump! That made for an absolute fantastic ride today! (We worked to clear snow around the house yesterday) I am gaining more confidence and didn't get stuck once! We stopped for lunch at Paulina lodge and I received a text from our daughter asking where we were. I took a picture for her, as Paulina is where we drug her every year on vacation. (Not a favorite for our world traveler).

I did manage to get some sewing time yesterday after shoveling snow. I cut out 3 McCall's 6844 cardigans. I think they will go together quickly when I get some machine time...maybe next weekend. We have a night ride, so maybe in the morning. Now to watch some Olympics and knitting. How was your weekend?


gMarie said...

That's a great cardigan. I need to grab that pattern - would be a wonderful basic. Where do you find good fabrics? g

Maryissewfast said...

Lately my go to for Fabric is FabricMart. We have JoAnns and Hancocks in Bend, but I rarely go to town and wasn't overly impressed with the quality there. I miss my Fabric Depot and Mill End store! I'm actually trying to sew down the stash a bit so that it all fits in the house. I have storage in the garage, but I would prefer it all inside. We bought an awesome work table at Costco, but Tom needs to lay the laminate before we can put the studio together. Too much other things going on right now to get that started, but soon I hope!

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