Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Moment in Time

I have been one poor correspondent lately because I have been so busy dancing the dance.  My daughter is returning home to England in the morning and although I know that is where she belongs and where her heart is, I can't help but feel a little melancholy for me. It doesn't help that I am reading "Traveling with Pomegranates", which is a fabulous read, but totally echos what I have been feeling during this visit.  As I watch my daughter become a mother herself, it brings it home to me that my life is also changing.  I didn't really feel it that much when I turned 50, but now at 51 I am mourning the loss of my youth.  I really appreciate the wisdom that age and experience has brought me, but conversely I feel like my essence is drying up.  Maybe I am just tired...
Since this is a sewing blog, maybe I should report on recent projects.  I did some repair work the other day...BORING...and then yesterday Sara asked me to make her some maternity skirts.  Using a RTW maternity skirt she brought with her, I drafted a pattern and made a couple between running to the vet with Ms. Lola for her tick and tape treatment and a dry run to the airport to make sure all is in order for her flight. I cut out 3 more, but a headache sidelined me last night and I didn't feel much better when I got up.  Luckily I started feeling better so I could go to work (oh Joy!!!).  I will finish the skirts and mail them with baby gear, as there are still more baby items despite filling an extra bag with just baby stuff!  Tomorrow will be hard, but I will remember the good time we had together and concentrate on taking care of myself.

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