Friday, May 28, 2010

Date Night: SATC2 Report

My dear husband, out of the kindess of his heart and love for me, took me to see Sex and the City 2 last night.  Certainly there were other (any) movies that he would have prefered to see, but he knew I really wanted to see it and was prepared to "go it alone".  Plot wise it was a little over the top, but it's's to be expected. The girls end up in Abu Dhabi, which is a LONG way from Manhattan, but I digress.  The real star of the show is the fashion! My first pick for unabashed knockoff...Carrie's white opening dress:

Love this dress! I'm sure in my Burda Style archives I can find something to base my pattern from, if not find the exact dress!
Miranda's opener! Another interesting shape and lovely draping. Not exactly wild about the color for me, but that is easily changeable!

Another Miranda winner was this sheath with an interesting neck detail.  In another picture I noticed it had a pleat at the waist.  Must do more searching to figure this one out.  I also adored the dress that Carrie wore in flight to Abu Dhabi, but I have yet to find a good photo of that one. Another dress that I thought was sensational was the newsprint dress, even though I could never wear something like that, I loved the concept and maybe I could do a newsprint as a T-shirt.
And lastly, I leave you with what I deem the WORST OUTFIT EVER (WOE!)...the Adore Dior getup.
What are your picks?


gMarie said...

Oh that Dior is horrible! Made my cringe. Love your dress picks - can't wait to see more of Miranda's sheath. g

Amy said...

I wish I was in that movie just so I could wear the cute clothes!
I'm excited I did a voice over commercial that aired at the movie premier in the theatre.